Thursday, December 3, 2015

Out to Shop

Tuesday, I shopped and then did outreach at Professor Anna Schildroth's Human Sexuality class at Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven.

I was dressed and out the door at 9:30 AM wearing my zip front dress from Dress Barn, a red print scarf from Avon, nude high heel pumps from Payless, a gold retro style watch from Avon and a pair of vintage retro style gold earrings, topped with a blue trench coat from Fashion to Figure.

Monday, I received an order from Sephora, which included three free samples of various brands of mascara. Doing my makeup on Tuesday, I tried one of the samples, Lancome Hypnose Drama. I loved the results (longer fuller lashes without any clumping) and decided to purchase a full-size tube before I did outreach.

I arrived at the Meriden Westfield Mall just as it opened at 10 AM and sought out the Lancome counter in Macy's to purchase the mascara. The mall was quiet at 10 AM and there was no one in sight at the Lancome counter, so I visited the nearby enticing racks of dresses. I found three dresses: all Calvin Kleins, all size 14, to try on. (I am on the cusp of size 14 and since there were no 16s to try on, I had no choice.)

It amazes me how three dresses in the same size from the same manufacturer are all over the map regarding their fit.

The first dress I tried on was too too tight. I did not feel too bad about that because it was a very dressy dress and I had nowhere to wear it in the foreseeable future.

I had seen the second dress on a mannequin when I took my spouse shopping a week earlier and had fallen in love with it. It was smaller than the first dress and I could only zip it up one-third of the way. Again, I did not feel too bad about it because the price tag was way up there as was its hemline ― too short even for me.

The third dress fit just right and looked fab on me. It is a sleeveless black and white colorblock textured sheath (you can see it for yourself here). It is more practical than the other two because I can wear it to work or on a girls' night out, so I bought it and look forward to wearing it.

I got a taste of male privilege while the sale associate rang up my purchase.

As I was standing patiently in front of the register, this "man" probably about my age, maybe a little older, tries to take over my space. He had to return something and thought he could cut in on me. I did not budge and the sales associate told him he would have to wait until she was through dealing with the "lady."

He was steaming and I just smiled at him, which made him steam even more.

I returned to the Lancome counter, but there was still no one in sight, so I stopped a sales associate who was passing by for assistance. She was wearing a white smock that the folks who work the cosmetic counters usually wear, so I figured she could help me. And she did by quickly finding the mascara that I wanted.

After she rang up my purchase, she said, "I love your shoes. They are classic."

I thanked her for the compliment, then exited the mall with due speed to drive to New Haven to do outreach.

Source: PopSugar

Sid Silvers
Actor Sid Silvers in the 1935 film Broadway Melody of 1936.


  1. Despite being an Avon Lady, like you, I love Lancome cosmetics, but find them a bit pricy. I used to use their foundation but now I use some everyday have switched to Avon on price, but I still use their mascara a lot.

    1. I try almost every Avon product that comes along. Some are keepers, some are not. I like their foundations, powders, powder eye shadows, lipsticks and pencil products: eyeliners, lipliners and eyebrowers.

  2. So you going to start working as Stana? How about the first work day after the new year.

  3. The blue outfit is from where or the name of the designer. I like the look, Yah I know but I still like the look. Hope you decide to work as a female now, I think it is about time you did.

    1. The blue outfit is a trench coat that I bought at Fashion to Figure. The color has received a lot of compliments!