Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Holly, Jackie, Candy and Blondie

My first blond hairdo
Holly Woodlawn died Sunday. She was the last surviving queen of Andy Warhol's famous crossdressing sidekicks that included Candy Darling and Jackie Curtis.

I found Holly Woodlawn and Jackie Curtis interesting in their day because they were born male, but living their lives as female.

I found Candy Darling interesting for the same reason. She was the blonde bombshell of the trio and reminded me of Jean Harlow. Although I admired Holly and Jackie, I wanted to be Candy.

But as a young woman, I avoided being a blond myself. My hair color was usually red, sometimes brunette, but never blond because I thought that all the boys wanted to be blonds when they crossdressed. It was bad enough that my heels were too high and my skirts too short  I thought a blond hairdo would push me over the top and there would be no denying that I was a crossdresser.

I finally went over to the light side after hosting a support group meeting at a wig store (Tonkin's in Waterbury). As the hostess, I brought the snacks and played mother hen; I had no intention of buying a new wig.

When Kathy Tonkin was finished bewigging the other girls, she said to me, "Your turn."

I thought, "What the heck" and told Kathy to work her magic on me.

Minutes later, she fitted a short blond wig on my head. When I looked in the mirror, I loved what I saw and I became a blond forevermore.

Source: ideel
Wearing Badgley Mischka.

Victoria Elizabeth
Victoria Elizabeth


  1. i love you in that blond hair cut! :) sara e

  2. Like you I was rather surprised to find that being blond suited me. Having been born brunette and staying that way for around 50 years, that a blond bob wig suited me was most surprising. Now I colour my own hair, but I wonder if teh blond suits me now as it matches my natural grey tone.

  3. I love the dress!