Friday, December 18, 2015

Getting Outfitted for the Night Out

Yesterday, I mentioned that I went out Wednesday night for a dinner and a show to celebrate Christmas with my gurl friends. And so I did.

I planned to wear my new Calvin Klein sleeveless black and white colorblock textured sheath with my new Nine West pewter Leapafaith pointy toe high heel pumps. FEDEX was supposed to deliver the shoes on Monday, but FEDEX was a no-show.

I checked online and FEDEX rescheduled delivery for Friday, so I decided to wear my Payless Janine black patent pointy toe high heel pumps. I bought the Janines some time ago and had never worn them, so Wednesday noon, I installed a pair of Insolia inserts in advance of my gurls' night out.

Within an hour, the mailman rang the doorbell with a package to deliver: my Nine West Leapafaiths! So I installed a pair of Insolia pumps in the Leapafaiths, too, and slipped them on my feet to get used to wearing them because the heel is a little higher than what I usually wear
According to Nine West's description, the Leapafaiths have a 1/2" hidden platform and 4 1/2" high heels. Despite those specs, they were very comfortable for the hour or so I wore them around the house, but I feared wearing them Wednesday night because our plans involved some walking on city streets and sidewalks... not the best environment for high heel comfort.

The Leapafaiths were absolutely beautiful, but I decided against wearing them and went back to Plan B: the Payless Janines. As it turned out, the Janines were comfortable from beginning to end Wednesday night, but in retrospect, the Leapafaiths would probably have been fine, too, because our walks involved short jaunts separated by long periods of sitting, but I did not know that in advance.

Mid-afternoon, I put on my face and did my hair. Then I slipped on my undies, dress, shoes, jewelry and nails ― avoiding mirrors until I was all put together. When I was ready, I looked in the full-length mirror and was very pleased with what I saw: an attractive 64-year-old woman.

I love that look!

Source: MyHabit
Wearing JB by Julie Brown.

Company Christmas Party
Wife and husband dressed up to attend husband’s company Christmas party. (Wow!)


  1. Great look. You look wonderful. 64? Nope... 54? I don't think so... 44? Perhaps.


  2. Very attractive middle age women. I agree with Pat, the 40's appear correct. I know you had a great time.

  3. All I can say is "Wow" - you look fabulous. As always!


  4. Fabulous woman in a fabulous dress. Where did you get this dress, I want one?

    1. Thank you, Barbara. It is a Calvin Klein dress from Macy's.