Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dinner and a Show and More

Wednesday evening, I went out for dinner and a show to celebrate Christmas with some of my gurl friends. Since I am writing this before the fact, I have nothing to say about our gurls' night out, but you can be sure I will have something to say tomorrow!

Petra started her Voyages en Rose blog in 2008 and posted regularly about her life in Atlanta's femme lane for years. But in 2013, she published her last post and left a big gap in the trans blogosphere as far as I was concerned. Out of the blue, Petra published a new post on Sunday! I don't know if she will be blogging regularly again, but I welcome her back with open arms.

Googling this and that, I encounter a lot of trans blogs and websites. A few days ago, I visited a a new one (for me) that I found very interesting. Joe is a crossdresser and goes out dressed in women's clothing on a regular basis, but he does not femulate. No wig, no makeup, no female mannerisms, Joe does not attempt to emulate a female. As he says on his blog, " I do not imagine myself to be a female when I dress." I found his stories fascinating and you can too by reading Joe's blog, joeypress.

Source: ShopBop
Wearing Prabal Gurung.

Howard Stern
Howard Stern's Christmas card

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