Friday, December 11, 2015

Caught in the Act

As a teenager, I dressed in my mother's and sister's clothes whenever I was home alone.

One afternoon, my mother and sister went out and I figured I had an hour or so to dress pretty, so as soon as I saw them leave, I stripped off my boyswear and made a beeline for my mother's dresser. Within minutes, I had on her Playtex bra, Maidenform girdle and was snapping a pair of her nylons onto the girdle's built-in garters.

My sister had a new dress that I was dying to try on, so I headed upstairs to her bedroom, found the dress in her closet and slipped it over my head.

My mother had a pair of high heel pumps that I thought would look darling with the dress, so I went back downstairs to my parent's bedroom, located the heels and slipped them on my nylon stocking feet.

As I was standing in front of the full-length mirror in my parent's bedroom admiring myself in all my girly glory, I heard a car pull into the driveway.

Oh, no!

I assumed it was my mother and sister returning home, so I knew I had a couple of minutes to change and stash the womenswear because my mother had to back the car down our narrow driveway, get out of the car to unlock and open the garage door, carefully drive the car into our narrow garage and then close the garage door.

I ran upstairs to my bedroom, stripped off the womenswear, dressed in boyswear and hung my sister's dress in her closet. There was no time to return my mother's stuff to her dresser, so I stashed them in my bedroom figuring I could return them later.

What a close call!

A few minutes later, my mother asked me to come downstairs. So I went and found her in her bedroom holding up the pair of high heels I had borrowed.

In my panic, I had literally jumped out of her shoes and left them on the floor in front of the full-length mirror.

She asked me why her shoes were out of the closet.

Back then, I was a budding artist and sketched a lot, so I told her I borrowed the shoes so I could sketch a picture of high heel shoes.

She accepted my excuse, but in retrospect, I suspect she had an inkling about what was going on, but did not want to confront me without harder evidence.

I wish she had. It might have been a life-changing moment.

Do you have a story about being caught in the act that you would like to share with Femulate readers? If so, pass it along and I will post it here in the very near future.

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Johnny Mangum
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  1. Stana
    That was a very clever retort about wanting to sketch the shoes. Somehow it is often the shoes.
    Once I used an afternoon to dress up and my wife came home earlier than expected with my two sons. As I realized they were heading down the driveway I made a mad dash upstairs to do the instant change back to guy mode. As I reached the top step one black high heel pump, size 12, fell off and tumbled down the stairs. I made the decision on the spot to continue changing since they would be coming in the garage through the basement.
    After the quick change I ran back down and they had stayed in the kitchen so I retrieved the shoe and stuck it behind a pillow on the sofa in the living room.

    As long time dressers, you and I both know what every woman knows about washed and worn stockings and pantyhose. New hose has a distinct look and feel that is lost the first time the stocking is worn. Rinsed or washed and hung to dry hosiery has a slightly crumpled look that is filled or stretched out the moment the stocking is slid up your leg. I can tell from twenty feet away if a stocking is new, just washed or worn one or more times. I am sure that you can do the same. I am also sure that while my mother never caught me in her clothes that as I look back over the years, notwithstanding my extreme care with placing all her items back where they had been that she also could tell if someone had been wearing her stockings. I suspect the same may have been true for your mom and/or sister.

  2. Yikes! i've had a few close calls with my wife. Until, of course, the day she finally caught me. But many times, i'd hear the sound of her car, and be whipping stuff off left and right... and once (i'd bound myself a bit), scratching myself pulling things off, and pretenting to be asleep! :) sara e

  3. Oh, I remember that terror of a car pulling into the driveway very well. Unfortunately, I did get that confrontation, and it was a life-changing event of the wrong kind. It left me riddled with shame and disgust for so long, denying me the opportunity to develop as I should have.

    Fortunately, I eventually found the courage to come out to my wife, and the 4 years since have seen us happier and closer than ever. It's wonderful to be loved and accepted for who you are.

    1. Sally- Lovely to hear things are going well. :)
      Finally getting caught (wife came home THREE hours early, defeating all my "safety" backups) was embarrassing, but she was basically okay with it.
      Now i have two drawers of panties and lingerie, and she'll even borrow some! (mine are better than her boring cotton things!). Take care, sara elise

  4. When I was around 14, I was upstairs in our house on my own and was trying on my favourite of my mum's skirts and some tights. I was nominally being looked after by a neighbour who'd pop in once or twice a day to check on me. I was dress up in the skirt and top when suddenly she called up the stairs to see how I was. Panic! Quick change of the top and then out onto the landing to say that I was fine. At the time, I was so relieved she didn't know that whilst everything looked ok, there was a skirt and tights where she couldn't see. Even more relieved that she didn't ask me to come downstairs. As Stana said though, it would maybe have been better if she did and the secret had just got out years before...

  5. Nice story Stana. When I was young living at home I was very nearly caught. I thought it would stop me dressing in my mother’s clothes, but of course it didn't. The full story can be found in one of my posts if anyone is interested. It’s a little too long to reprint here.

  6. Stana,When I was around 13 to 14 I snuck into my mom's room and even though she was busy in another room, I decided to wear her panty girdle and because it was a bigger than me, I put in a small pillow that filled out it perfectly.She came into the room and caught me with it on and then made me show it to my stepdad and then started asking me embarrassing questions about why I did it etc for about 5-10 minutes and then made me take it off and then both of them gave me a hard, painful bare bottom spanking.

  7. Been dressing since I was 13 my mum chaught me in her stuff when I was 16 had her panties stockings bra nice top her leather skirt and her heels

    1. I was 14 and parents were out of town and had the neighbor lady (single mom) check in on me. I had on a very cute short nightie and fell asleep on the couch. That evening she came to check on me. I didn't wake up right away. A long story short I ended up eating a pizza with her and her 11 yo daughter and me still in the nightie. Later on I would go and help her clean her basement and garage and always wore her things when I did. As a special surprise she bought me a training bra. Often that is all I wore when visiting. I loved to masturbate for them and always licked my hands clean.

  8. When i was in 9th grade i remember i was home alone for like 4 hours so i whent in to my moms room and put on a pair of her cotton panties and a pair of some thick cotton tights she had. So as i was wearing them i remembered that just two weeks ago i ask my mom if i get in trouble am i still getting a spanking? She told me she had to think about that. Thats when i got the idea of what if i get caught in her panties and tights? So i waited till she got home but as soon as she pulled in i changed my mind and was trying to get it off before she came in. But i was to slow. There i was bent over in her panties pulling off her tights. I asked her with out thinking are you going to paddle me? And she said bend over and she came in with the paddle.

  9. AnonymousMay 15, 2017

    Love your story

  10. Well I think we all have some sort of close calls, I was able to avoid being caught by my mother starting from my first time at age 8 until I left for the Army at 17. But as we all know luck does run out sooner or later. For me it was when I was 22 with my former Mother in-law. I had a rough week between school and work. I returned to the house just after 2pm, the house was empty. No one was scheduled to be back before 5pm. I headed to my MIL's room and pulled out a cocktail dress that had a halter top, her black nylon panties, a black strapless bra, pantyhose, her black sling back heels, and a shoulder length brunette wig. I love the heels on the wooden floors, it was such a lovely day I went into the back yard which had very high bushes. I sat in a lounge chair and dosed off. Well I was awaken at 4:30 by my MIL shaking my shoulder. Once I opened my eyes she said Don't you look pretty. She pulled up a chair and started the questions, she wasn't really upset but was very stern. I answered her truthfully. She was very understanding and we reached an agreement. One condition was I had to tell my wife her daughter. Well I did about 2 weeks later, she was open to it at first but after I finished school and started to travel for work the marriage fell apart, she blamed me for not being a full man. Today my second wife knows and accepts.

  11. Around 14 and was supposed to be home alone for 3 hours, so I quickly undressed and headed to my step-sister's room. She was older than me, but were similar in size and most of her clothes fit me.

    I put on a pair of her panties, bra(which I filled with some of her pantyhose), put on a pair of pantyhose, a blouse, pleated skirt, and high heel pumps. I twirled around in that skirt and loved it. I removed the blouse and skirt and put them away and took out on a pretty dress of hers I had wanted to try out that zipped up the back. I unzipped it and got it on, but it fit was tighter than her other clothes. I was determined to get it zipped up, and finally did and fastened. I put on some of her lipstick and felt so pretty in that dress and looking at myself in her mirror.

    Heard a car pull up outside. Try to unzip dress. Zipper catches on something and won't unzip.

    Get down and try to see if I can slip off the dress over my head like a shirt. Skirt portion of the dress pulls up, but rest is still stuck. Not working. Hear door opening, me panicking.

    New plan is to hide in my room and keep trying to get the dress off, but before I can get up, our dog jumps on my back. He is heavy and grabbing me tightly.

    So here I am dressed in my step-sister's dress in her room with our dog on my back. Humping away, but thankfully the pantyhose and panties were protecting me.

    Of all days, she and my stepmom came home early. It would have been bad enough to get caught wearing a dress, but it looked a lot worse than that. It looked like I had dressed up in my step-sister's clothes and was in the process of trying to get the dog to have sex with me.

    My step-sister went directly to her room, I am struggling under the dog, it looks bad. She yells for my step-mom. Who comes and makes my step-sister leave her room. My step-mom never liked me, and I didn't like her either. She said I was sick and asked if I do this every time they leave the house and how often I let the dog screw me. I told her I do dress sometimes and like the feeling I get dressing as a girl, but had never let the dog screw me before and tell her about the stuck zipper and him jumping on my back. She seems unconvinced, and instead of helping me, she tells me if I like dressing up like a girl and like boys(I never said that), she would let me feel what it is like to be a woman.

    She pulled down the pantyhose and panties making my butt bare and did something to the dog, because he started humping again.

    She said she'd give us our privacy, closing the door as she left. I yelled for help and heard them leaving and then the car driving away.

    They returned a couple hours later. I was in my room on my bed crying still stuck in that dress, but this time my step-mom helped me out of it. She said she hoped I learned my lesson, and I was never to wear her daughter's clothes again. She seemed to know somehow what had happened to me in her daughter's room and asked if I enjoyed feeling like a woman, and I told her no.

  12. oh my yes......I once dressed entirely in my wife’s short purple skirt; purple crepe blouse with a large neck bow; panties bra and knee high boots. I thought she was away for a while but she came home early. I ran to the bathroom to hide and she came to the door but could not open it as I was leaning against it to keep her from coming in and seeing me. With me leaning against the door it kept me from removing the outfit. I was caught and knew it!

  13. Me and my sister are a year apart.When i was 13,sis was 14 and we both finially made our First Holy Communions on a sunday morning in may with the class of 2nd graders.I got dressed in my suit and ty and then after her bath,mom dressed sis in her communion outfit.A while later,mom brought sis out and showed her to dad and i and she looked just like a little girl!She had on a short sleeve,poofy,top of the knees communion dress with a flower crown and veil,with lace anklets and white mary jane shoes.Mom then lifted up the front of sis's dress and showed us the white cloth communion diaper with white plastic pants over it that the girls wear under their dresses with a tee shirt as her top!The plastic pants sis had on were adult size and fit her blousy and when she walked,i could here them crinkling under her dress.That next week,dad was at work and mom was out shopping and sis went to a friends house.I went into her room and her communion outfit was laying over a chair ready to be taken to the dry cleaners.I quickly got naked,then pinned on her diaper,then put the plastic pants on over it,then her communion dress,veil and the lace socks!I was pretending i was a girl and feeling like a little girl! I paraded around in her room and was so engrossed in the moment,i didnt here mom and sis come home! They both caught me in sis's outfit and went ballistic! After dad got home later on he was told what happened and i was grounded for two months! Even now as an adult i still have thoughts of what i felt like in her outfit!

  14. Many mom's are domineering and yet understanding. My mom's things weren't very feminine or sexy and I didn't actually relate to them much. Yet in my twenties I discovered pantyhose.

    1. Wearing pantyhose in front of my mother made her hot

  15. My wife tolerates, but does not condone, me wearing female panties, I buy my own and have worn them for years. She will wash them and put them back in my drawer. I occasionally wear some of her bras, which I suspect she wouldn’t be too happy about. I kept a stash of lingerie, skirts, tops and shoes some years ago which I brought out and wore secretly if she was away for a day or two, but eventually got rid of it as I figured it wasn’worth getting caught. Dressing up with her or with her knowing would give me great happiness and satisfaction and I am troubled knowing it will not happen. I would only love her more, but know she would hate me for it. So I live my life on a lie.