Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Two Posts in One Zip Tip

You may recall my do-it-yourself solution to zipping up dresses. I first mentioned my solution in February 2012 and revisited it in July 2012.

It is not a perfect solution. On two or three occasions, when pulling up a difficult zipper, the safety pin opened and stabbed me! Since then, I have looked for a better solution and I believe I found it.

I replaced the large safety pin on my zipper helper with a small snap hook (see photo) that was attached to a laser pointer that I use to entertain our cats. It is large enough to handle difficult zippers, but it is small enough to attach through the tiny holes proffered by the teardrop pull tabs used with some zippers. And the snap hook is spring-loaded so it will not open in mid-zip.


Monika Kowalska is a Member of this blog and has a cool website that I happened upon: My Transgender Heroines, which features "1497 stories of famous and well-known and lesser-known transgender women and girls from around the world to show us how to live with dignity in accordance with their own psyche and that it is better to be hated for who you are, than loved for who she is not."

The website is in Polish, but Google translates it easily, so don't let the language barrier prevent you from visiting it.



Actors Alec Mapa, Robert Kaiser, Stephen Spinella, and Chris Logan
femulating in the film Connie and Carla, 2004.



Source: ShopBop

Wearing Vince.


  1. Try a paperclip with a really small, short hook to the zipper tab

  2. Stana,

    Your post about zipping up dresses made me smile, because I still remember almost throwing my shoulder out of joint to pull up the zipper and thinking, "now I know why my wife finds me so valuable!"

    My solution is to use a zipper helper I found. It works well, but I can never remember where I put the darn thing!


  3. Great idea - as well as a great movie! (CONNIE AND CARLA, that is!)

  4. A recent convention badge holder came equipped with a lanyard with the perfect snap link, nice and thin. All femulate conventions should use such a badge holder.

  5. Hello, I am the Independent Woman who invented the ZipHer, the zip-up solution sold on Now newly released (by popular demand) is an extra-sturdy ZipHer! It is 6 inches longer and has a heavier ball chain for those taller or stronger customers. Go to the Order pull-down menu on and order Extra Long ZipHer. It was designed by a 6’2″ engineer who sewed a zipper in the back of his flannel shirt to test it!