Saturday, August 31, 2013

Her Girl Friday


Commenting on yesterday's post, Joan Elizabeth wrote, "I'm wondering though, doesn't your boss have an inkling as to your gender variation life style, she must by now with all the stories you've mentioned. I'm surprise the conversation with her hasn't come up. Are you on a close personal level with her? or just a boss worker relationship."

Funny that Joan Elizabeth should ask.

During a break in a meeting at our Pennsylvania office this week, my boss brought up my 2012 appearance at work en femme on Halloween in a joking manner. There was a lot of joking and kidding going on throughout that day-long meeting and my Halloween costume was mentioned in a light manner with no ill will intended. (Knowing my boss, I am 99% sure that that was the case.)

I was surprised by her mentioning it and I cannot even recall the context of the mention. I had no comeback, but wish I had said something like, "Wait 'til you see what I wear next Halloween."

On the way back to Connecticut yesterday, I told my boss about some office gossip that I had heard while in Pennsylvania and that precipitated a long conversation about some recent false gossip that my boss had to squelch.

I asked if she had heard any gossip about me being trans and that if she had, it was true.

She said that she had not heard any gossip about me, that she was perfectly fine with it and that I could dress any way I wanted to at work.

And so it goes.



Source: Pinterest Brolita (a male femulating as a Lolita).



Source: Boston Proper Wearing Boston Proper.


  1. That's your best hair look stana I really like it!

  2. WOW! I guess my female intuition was working well yesterday. Good for you! I'm sure this comes as a relief to you. Your lucky to be surrounded by the people you are, especially your boss. I have no doubt you are probably a very respected person in your office place. Your good will and lady like manners have served you well. I'm going to venture another guess that on your next business trip with your boss there will be a really fun and memorable girls night out! :)

  3. I reiterate Joan's Wow. That is great.

  4. Dear Stana,

    WONDERFUL! Hopefully, your boss will meet your femme persona soon. I think she'll love the way you look as a woman. Before you actually do present yourself to her in girl mode, perhaps you should consult her (while at work in boy mode) to decide on a place and circumstances for her to meet Stana. Perhaps that will be the workplace, since she said you could dress as you wish at work, but maybe for the first time she might prefer a meeting away from the office (for example, another out-of-town business trip).



    1. She is very cool. She saw me en femme at work last Halloween and she will see me en femme at work this Halloween.

  5. Stana -

    I wish I worked in a place that accepting. Do they have openings?


    ps: I love Sheila's suggestion!!!!

  6. Stana ~ First, I love that dress!

    When I showed my old manager a picture of Meg, she asked "was this for a costume party, or is it something you do, sometimes?" I thought that was the most wonderful way I've ever heard it expressed and I said "it's something I do, sometimes."

    (btw, I had to work hard to convince her that was me!)

    1. "it's something I do, sometimes." ...yeah, but not often enough!!!

  7. HEADLINE: Stana, master of the understated news.

    Dinner table talk at Stana's. So, how was your day, Stana? "Fine." Did anything interesting or exciting ha open at work? "No, nothing unusual." "But I did tell my boss that I'm trans. Please pass the peas." That's nice dear.

    Stana, holy crap. Ring the bells of St. Mary's. Stop the presses. Shout it from the mountain tops. Let freedom (maybe that should be femdom) ring! WOW, girl, this is a quantum leap forward. Congratulations.


  8. Stana
    It is all good. It is so very nice when good things happen to good people.