Friday, August 9, 2013

Feel like a man. Wear a bra!

Source: YouTube

Folks are raving about this advertisement featuring a male model named Itisak Wuttanawat modeling a Wacoal Mood Boost-Up bra. Wuttanawat femulates through the first third of the ad, then in the remainder of the ad, he defemulates to reveal that - surprise  - he is really a guy.

What's the point?

Andrej Pejic femulated to model a new Hema push-up bras for print advertisements back in 2011. The point of those ads seemed to be that if the bras worked so well for a guy, just think how well they would work for a gal.

That may be the point of the Wacoal ads, too. But considering what I wrote on Tuesday in my Follow the Money post, wouldn't it make the accountants at Wacoal happy if in addition to gals, guys bought their bras to wear, too?

By the way, the new Hema bras sold out in all sizes four days after the Pejic ad campaign began!




A faction of fellows femulating 100 years ago.





Source: ideeli

Wearing Gabby Skye (Stana loves this dress!).


  1. I especially like the reveal near the end. We of XY are a new untapped market!-Andee

  2. It is a great ad and after watching the ad you can watch the 'making of the ad behind the scenes' which is also good.
    If the Hema bras sold out in all sizes after the Pejic ad the only surprise is that it too two years for another company to employ a similar advertising scheme.
    I agree that the ad can reach a dual market. Women who will want the bra since it does such a good job on a breast deprived male and femulators...for the same reason.

  3. amazing what pro make-up artists can do to an asian boy. Thanks for sharing, another great ad campaign!

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