Monday, August 19, 2013

Black Velvet or Virginia Slims? On Friday, I asked if anyone was familiar with the urban legend about a male model posing as a female in the Black Velvet whisky print advertisements that began appearing circa 1970.

I received a response from Brenda, who claimed that the male model posing as a female was in a Virginia Slims cigarette advertisement, not a Black Velvet whisky ad. She added that the model in question was a blond wearing a denim shirt.

I searched the Internet and found a lot of Virginia Slims ads, but none featuring a model in a denim shirt.

And so it goes!



Source: Filson Historical Society

Louisville (Kentucky) Male High School ballet, 1903.



Source: Macy's

Wearing Nine West.


  1. How about this one?

  2. Dear Stana,

    I love this post's "Femulate Her" outfit. Soft narrow pleated skirts are SO DELIGHTFULLY GIRLY! The young woman in this photo looks so gorgeous, and oh so feminine. I bought a new pink suit with a pleated skirt to debut at SCC (Southern Comfort Conference) next month in Atlanta. I love wearing suits when I attend the daytime seminars there, and then I change into dressy dresses (LBDs and other color cocktail dresses) for dinner and the evenings. From September 2 to 8 at SCC, I'll be a girl 24/4 ... "Oh Joy! Oh Rapture!".