Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Boy’s Day Out – Part 2

By Michelle

While most adventure stories on Femulate concern days out en femme, Michelle’s story is about a day out en homme.

A Day at the Races?

Michelle_Boys'-Day-Out_2 Back to the “boys’ day out.” I then described the event where the photos were taken and the story of how I bought the wig – too much detail I imagine, but after many years of waiting, the floodgates had opened and I wanted to talk.

Here is a link back to the Femulate.

I first found Femulate earlier this year after I was surfing the net and found the post by Carolyn about her “Royal Ascot Adventure” going dressed to this annual big hat extravaganza in Southern England (I think that some horses are involved, too).

I explained to my mate that my next project is to go there in 2014, but there are many logistical problems of doing so. For instance I don’t want to be a center of attention, so going with a group of TVs is not really an option for me. As those are the only people I know who I could go with, going on my own would be the only option available, which is fine (if scary) as I don’t mind my own company.

I was not really fishing for offers (or was I?), but he said if I wanted somebody to go with, he would accompany me. Wow again!

Since then, I have thanked him for this offer, partly for him to have a “means of escape” from that offer if he wanted one, but he has confirmed he meant it. Next June is a long way off and there are many hurdles to overcome. One is how I would explain having shaved legs for the following few weeks of summer.

I really felt that I had rediscovered my best friend and we had really confided in each other on a number of issues. We discussed a whole range of other things, too. We returned to our cars on the “Park and Ride” bus and had a small drink in a nearby pub as we both had decent drives home to do. I thanked him for letting me talk about what had been happening in my life, and said I think I needed to do that as he could more understand where I was coming from. I said especially thanks for letting me show him the photos, but I warned him that he was lucky; normally if a TV offers to show you some photos, you will normally have to sit through more than two. Most importantly I joked that “great shoes” was the correct response.

He said he sometimes knew the right things to say and that he felt honored that I had trusted him enough to show them to him.

Leggy Blonde

Before I finish, here’s a “careful what you wish for” moment.

My friend had been very honest and said that I was not the first person he had offered the Silverstone ticket to (his son was otherwise committed for one).

Pretending that I was offended by this and appealing to our joint sense of humor, I said I wasn’t happy to be the recipient of his ticket cast-offs, but in the circumstances, I suppose I’d better go.

He replied that he was glad I could come as he was running out of “leggy blondes” he could ask to go with him.

During our picnic as I showed him the photos included in this article, I had to smile to myself. The person he saw in the pictures was blonde (if not a true one) and at 6’ 1” with a 34” inseam, she’s definitely leggy, too. It could have been so easy to grant his wish! However, I think certain other attributes he might have expected would have been absent.

In all seriousness, it wouldn’t really have been the right place for attending en femme – a bit too much testosterone at motor racing events. About 90% of the spectators were male and apart from staff, I don’t think I saw a skirt being worn all day and certainly not the place for any kind of heel. However, I’m sure I would have encountered no difficulties had I’d chosen to do so as everyone seemed well behaved, but dressing to blend into the background would have been the order of the day.

As I drove home at the end of the day, I felt both elated and relieved that I had managed to offload some of the things that I had wanted to say for many years. Unfortunately, I now wanted to tell other people about the conversations I’d had with my mate, which was not really possible. Now, if I can sort out the logistics before next June, and do a bit of homework on horse racing (I know nothing), Royal Ascot remains a possibility, although certainly not a probability. I think I may have just the shoes, too!

Posh frocks and big hats, here I come!



Source: Marlena

Actor Paulo Gustavo (left) femulating in Minha Mãe é uma Peça : O Filme, a 2013 film from Brazil.



Source: Le Redoute

Wearing Le Redoute.


  1. Michelle:
    What a great story. Thank you for sharing what must feel to you like a magical moment. You've GOT to figure out how to make next June happen! Obviously, some test runs with your friend would be needed to be sure that he could really handle being out in public with you dressed. (By the way, you are sooooooooo passable that I don't think you'll encounter an problems, at a horse race, a car race, or in the every day rat race.)

    For me, being able to tell a 'regular' friend about Rhonda, and having that friend accept me as both my drab self and my en femme self would be so freeing that I'd probably cry for the pure joy of it. Having to segment my life at 62 is as frustrating as it ever was -- probably more so since I'm now so comfortable going out and about as Rhonda.

    Back to you -- you are clearly a credit to all of us because your female presentation, and being passable, is what we all want. I hope that Stana will bring you back as a guest writer in the future.


  2. Thank you for sharing this story, it is so important to have somebody you can confide in, and to have somebody who will accept and accompany you is even better! I'm with Rhonda,, you just have to make a trip to Ascot work, and then make sure that you can tell us all how it went. My experience is that very little of Royal Ascot is actually about the horses unless you want it t be! I have not gone en femme but I have certainly attended wearing what would normally be considered some pretty outrageous clothes (there can be lots of gold braid on a band uniform), and while there are some there who go for the racing, most are there for the social event.

    My legs have been shaved for all of the last couple of summers, and I often wear shorts, I have had exactly zero comments!

  3. Michelle asked me to leave the following comment on her behalf:

    Thank you to everyone who has responded to my article, and for the suggestions, advice and the recounting of similar experiences, I certainly enjoyed reading them, and I'm sure others did, too. Many thanks also for the kind words about my “passability” and the article itself. I would like to write another piece, and if I do, hopefully Stana will be able to incorporate it into the website. Please excuse me not replying to you individually, but technology has beaten me on this occasion.

  4. Dear Michelle,

    lovely to hear that you were inspired to attend "Ascot" after reading my little piece. If your friend drops out why not come with me? I shall be there of course and you are very welcome to share the "blast" with me.

    See you there?

    Luv, Carolyn.

  5. Hi Carolyn

    I'm not sure you'll see this, but here goes. I am still hoping to get to Ascot this week and have kept Tuesday free. There are still possible obstacles, but I'm doing what I can to make it happen. I hope you can get to go too. If it's Tuesday maybe I'll see you there Michelle