Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Good Wife

2013-08-14_good-wife Being a good wife is no fun!

One thing or another has kept me in trousers lately. I thought I could get out en femme this week, but with my daughter home slowly recovering from her accident and our transportation options down to one vehicle, I do not want to leave my wife and daughter home without wheels while I go out and have a good time in heels.

In this regard, the blog is a blessing as it helps me be en femme virtually when I cannot be en femme actually.




American soldiers femulating on stage in 1944.




Model Suzy Parker, circa 1955.


  1. I have also been in a prolonged period of not being able to get dressed and out and about and reading and commenting on your blogs and others has afforded me the ability to enter a virtual enfemme place.
    I have not even been able to do my "Good Wife" routine where I can be dressed all day on a weekend day and do things around the house such as cooking.
    Hopefully in a month or so I can carve out a new set of routines. I think I need a good dressing session followed by putting together a meal.
    PS: Those soldiers in the photo all seem to be flashing big smiles.

  2. Count me as another good wife! So much going on in remaking the new home, I've hardly had time as a homemaker.

  3. Looking at the photo of Suzy Parker, indeed it is the end of "Feminine", glamour went lang syne. I dress like her whenever I can and the stares I get, I don't know if it's because I'm a man or because of the the glamourousness which most people haven't ever seen,have made them open mouthed and silent.

    Luv, Carolyn.