Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Like Father; Like Daughter

Call me "Jamie."

That is not my real name; it’s the name I go by when I dress up like a boy.

I dress like a boy because I am a crossdresser. I prefer male clothing to female clothing. In addition to the wearing male clothing, I try to act like a boy, too. I want to be masculine, not feminine.

I want to be able to go out in society and pass as a male, but my female characteristics are difficult to disguise, so passing is a tough goal to achieve. However, I will keep on trying to improve my presentation because I know it can be done.

Lots of crossdressers have Internet websites where they display photos of themselves crossdressed and many of the photos are very convincing. These females look just like boys, so I know passing is possible. I may not be able to fool all of the people all of the time, but it would be nice if I could fool some of the people some of the time.

Also, there are websites that provide information on how to pass as a male. These websites describe how to walk, talk, and act like a boy; how to style your hair to look like a boy; what undergarments to wear to achieve a male form; etc., etc. There are also online stores that cater to crossdressers where you can buy everything you need to "express your masculine side."

My crossdressing started around the age of puberty. I don't know where the idea came from; it just popped in my head while I was in the bathroom getting ready to take a shower and there was one of Dad's suits hanging on the shower curtain rod. I don't know why it was there; I assume it had been washed and was hanging there to dry.

Whatever the reason that suit called my name and I could not resist trying it on. Dad’s suit fit me like a glove. I felt so masculine wearing it and I could not take my eyes off myself preening in the full-length mirror mounted on the bathroom door.

Suddenly, I felt very guilty and was worried that I might be caught, so I slipped out of the suit as quickly as possible, hung it back on its hangar, and proceeded to take a cold shower.

After that, I often dressed in my Dad's and brother's clothes whenever I was home alone.

I prefer my brother's clothes because he is only two years older than I, so he dresses like a boy my age dresses, whereas my Dad's clothes are more adult, i.e., clothing that an adult male wears.

But Dad's wardrobe includes items that my brother's wardrobe does not, so when I crossdress, I borrow items from both my Dad and my brother. For example, my brother has no suits, whereas Dad has six suits and I guess after that first crossdressing experience in the bathroom, I have a thing for suits.

My favorite suit is one Dad wears when he and Mom go out to a fancy restaurant or to a dinner party. I like it because it has a more youthful look than his other suits, which are more conservative, i.e., the kinds of suits you wear to the office or to church.

Dad claims that that suit is a "shun nell knock-off," whatever that means? The fabric of the suit is a rosy pink boucle with blue undertones. It has a cropped jacket with four buttons and four pockets and a pencil skirt that’s 20 inches long.

Dad also has a matching pair of pink pumps with a 4-inch stiletto heel. Dad looks so masculine in that outfit! And, wow, my Dad has great legs; he sure shows them off in that suit with its skirt about four inches above his knees, wearing off-white pantyhose perched on those 4-inch pumps.

Dad is a beautiful male. He is a platinum blonde and always looks great no matter what hairdo he wears. His makeup skills are excellent, too, with huge eyes and full pouty lips.

I emulate Dad when I crossdress. Sometimes when I apply my makeup just so, I even look a little bit like him.


  1. I had to read this wonderful post three times to appreciate the subtle artistry of your writing. I think that life would be nicer in your version of the Bizzaro world than that concept called for in the adventures of Superman. Well done.

  2. Dear Stana,

    Great post ... I imagine you had us all fooled until the paragraph with the details of Dad's "shun nell knock-off" suit!

    Thomas Berger (who also wrote the novel LITTLE BIG MAN) penned a novel titled REGIMENT OF WOMEN. It's available on (and possibly other sites). This novel uses the same type of role reversal that you cleverly employed in your post. Here's part of a review of REGIMENT OF WOMEN (on


    Some people see Berger's "Regiment of Women" as an anti-feminist diatribe. I've always seen it as a pro-feminist book, with Berger essentially satirizing the extreme exaggerations of those who said women's lib would make women "masculine".

    The book is set in a future where women rule the world. And they rule it with an iron fist. Men are excluded from all positions of power and relegated to second-class status. Society has experienced a complete role reversal of the sexes. The women are the politicians, business leaders and generals, while the men are secretaries, clerks and maids. Men are not permitted to hold political office or even vote, serve in the military or the police force.

    Berger takes the reversal to the most extreme lengths. In Berger's imagined world, it is the men who wear dresses and skirts. They wear panties and stockings, put on makeup to make themselves pretty, and show off their shaved legs in high-heeled shoes. The women wear business suits and crewcuts, and sport fake beards and moustaches. They bind their chests, because thanks to cosmetic surgery, in this society it is the men who wear breasts, in the form of large silicone breasts.




    1. Hi Sheila,

      I read Berger's book way back when it was first published in 1973. What a hoot!


  3. there is no reason anyone should have to "fool" anyone, our gender expression should be who we are! PERIOD!

  4. There is no reason why a persons gender expression should be questioned! You are who and what you are. Period

  5. would you like to swap with me i've a;way's wished i were a girl!

    i want to be look and act like a girl

    i want breast and a vagina and be able to do evenything girl's and women do!

  6. I wish we like in that kind of world today

  7. I wish to live in that world of total role reversal