Friday, July 6, 2012

Taming Zipper Teardrop Pull Tabs

Dear Stana,

I certainly could use a technical article on methods of zipping up stubborn and hard-to-reach zipper tabs on my dresses and gowns. I think you posted an article containing some tips and makeshift "zipper helper" devices in the past. However, some of my dressier frocks and gowns have those pretty (but annoyingly useless) tiny tear-shape zipper tabs. I haven't figured out any device that works well on those.

If you have nothing to do today (LOL), maybe you could do your first fashion technical writing on this topic. (Of course, I'm just kidding about you having to work on a holiday -- you do SO MUCH wonderful work for all your readers, that you deserve a day off). Thank You.



Hi Sheila,

My zipper helper appeared in the post titled "A Single Girl's Best Friend."

In that post, I described my homemade zipper helper, which is simply a piece of string and a big safety pin. I attach the safety pin to the zipper pull tab, loop the string through the closed safety pin, and pull the string up to close the zipper."

I recommend using thick string or twine. Thin string or thread may break while zipping up.

Also, pull the zipper up slowly to avoid opening the closed safety pin.

Regarding those tiny teardrop zipper pull tabs, the evening gown I wore back in March had a teardrop pull tab, but I was able to use my homemade zipper helper to zip up my gown.

Since a teardrop pull tab has no hole for attaching the safety pin, I attached the safety pin through one of the two "holes" provided by the swivel points of the pull tab (see the accompanying figure). It worked like a charm.



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  1. I've used your idea a few times now, Stana. Kudos.

  2. Dear Stana,

    YOU ARE SO SWEET! THANK YOU for your technical article on zipper helpers. I was kidding when I asked you to "work" on a holiday, but you did it anyway. So, you are entitled to triple-time holiday pay. If you wrote the post between 4 PM and Midnite, you get an extra 10% shift differential; 20% differential if you wrote it between Midnite and 8 AM. To get the shift differential (if applicable), just fill out the appropriate paperwork, and when I verify it, I'll be able to spout the famous phrase "the check is in the mail". LOL!

    Seriously, Thank You. I'll try your tip soon. You are wonderful to give us the gift of such a positive, informational, and very helpful blog.