Friday, August 30, 2013

Out, Not Out, Out


I planned to go out en femme after work Wednesday night.

I traveled with my boss on this business trip to our Pennsylvania facility; she drove her car, so as a result, my out en femme plans were limited to places within walking distance. I had two choices: dine en femme in the restaurant next door to my hotel or dine en femme in my hotel's restaurant.

My first choice was the restaurant next door because I had dined there Monday in boy mode and the food and ambience were excellent. My hotel's restaurant was a distant second choice because it was a serve yourself set-up and had next to no ambience. 

It began raining around 7 AM Wednesday morning and according to the forecast, it was going to rain throughout the day and into the evening. I had no umbrella and my plans to walk to the restaurant next door did not look promising.

Mid-morning, I encountered a co-worker who I did not expect to see at our Pennsylvania facility. I mentioned him here before --- he is gay and I assumed he knew I was trans-something. He was staying in my hotel, so I asked him if he didn't mind having some company when he went out to eat after work. He was glad to have the company, so then I dropped my bombshell.

"You know I'm trans, so I hope you don't mind if I go to dinner in girl mode."

He said he did not mind at all, but then he added that he had no idea that I was trans despite my three Halloween en femme appearances at work!


All was well until mid-afternoon when my boss informed me that she had scheduled a meeting at 5 PM that I had to attend.


I informed my dinner date that I probably would be late and if it was too late, I would dine in boy mode.

The meeting ended at 6:15 PM. It was 6:40 PM when we returned to our hotel. It would take me about 90 minutes to switch from boy mode to girl mode, which translates to 8:10 PM more or less.

I did not want to make my friend wait that long, so I abandoned my plans to dine en femme and we went to dinner with me in boy mode.

Despite being in boy mode, it still gave me a chance to do outreach. My friend knew more about trans than the average civilian, but I still educated him about some things he did not know and now I have another ally in the battle of the genders.

After dinner, I had nothing much to do, so I decided to see how fast I could switch from boy mode to girl mode. I amazed myself and made the transition in 55 minutes!

I took some photos modeling the three dresses I packed for the trip, then I took the elevator to the lobby, but it was late and the lobby was deserted. So I returned to my room, removed my makeup and clothes, slipped into my nightgown and went to bed.

And so it goes.



Male model Artyom Eduardovic.



Female model Suzy Parker.


  1. Too bad you did not make plans to have a night cap with your co-worker after dinner, and maybe a chance to dance backwards in high heels. It is so much fun to follow and not have to lead.

  2. The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men, Gang aft agley, An' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain,
    For promis'd joy!

    It never seems to amaze me that often when I plan something, something else gets in it's way. Sometimes I'm a little frustrated, but I get over it and look at the bright side. Your bright side is that no matter your attire you were still Stana doing Stana and you now have a person closer to you then the day before.

    I'm wondering though, doesn't your boss have an inkling as to your gender variation life style, she must by now with all the stories you've mentioned. I'm surprise the conversation with her hasn't come up. Are you on a close personal level with her? or just a boss worker relationship.

  3. Don't you hate when you experience that disorder "Bestus Planses Interruptus"? You've got your sight set on a target time. You've calculated how long to transition to pretty. You know where you're going to go, what you plan to wear, every detail planned out to the nth degree, and then some bobble head boss/coworker/inter meddler rises up and inserts him/her self and trashes your plans. Arghhh!

    My heart goes out to you over the missed opportunity.



  4. Que sera, sera.
    BTW the photo above is outstanding and I would nominate that photo as your new thumbnail or icon photo.
    Have a safe trip home and enjoy the weekend.

  5. Ah well, maybe next time. (That's becoming MY mantra these days!)