Saturday, August 24, 2013

Maybe Transsexual

Source: wikiHow

"How to Know if You Are Transsexual" should be more like "How to Know if MAYBE You Are Transsexual," but it is an interesting read nonetheless and I love the drawings accompanying the text.

By the way, during the upcoming week, this girl’s blog may be a little thin (unlike the girl). I will be on a business trip Monday through Thursday and my blogging time may be limited.

But on a positive note, I hope to slip into some womenswear in the evening after work, so I may have some new adventures en femme to report to you. Keep your fingers crossed.



Source: Marlena

Actors Alex Grelle and Steve Love femulating on stage in L'imitation of Life, 2013.



Source: Nine West

Wearing Nine West (Stana’s favorite cordwainer).


  1. Those girls look like they should be on a Zebra crossing, you know like the one outside the Abbey Rd Studios.........

  2. I've just looked and those drawings are good. Lots of similar pages in WikiHow, too - worth a look