Thursday, August 22, 2013

Moms, Dads and Female Sons


When my Dad saw me dressed en femme for the first time (for Halloween), he gave me some fatherly advice: watch out for boys who might want to have their way with me.

I had a good relationship with my Dad. He did his best to raise my sister and I. Maybe he did not know what to do with his feminine son, so he did not interfere and let me find myself. He let my sister find herself, too, so I guess he thought that was the best way to raise girls.

On the other hand, Mom was very hands-on raising her kids. While my sister was independent and frustrated some of my Mom's attempts to raise her a certain way, I was a Momma's boy tied to her apron strings and she was able to mold me into the daughter she always wanted.

That's why she never complained about me wearing her clothes when I was home alone or why she did not throw away my stash of female finery that I had hidden in my room. She knew I wanted to be a girl and I so regret not confiding with her about it.



Actor Thomas Gorrebeeck femulating on stage in Compleat Female Stage Beauty (2011).




Wearing Tibi dress and Riley shoes.

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