Thursday, September 6, 2012

Womanless Black & White Ball

On Saturday, Fool's Paradise hosted The Black & White Ball on Fire Island, NY. Photo galleries of this womanless extravaganza are online for your viewing enjoyment. (The photos below are four of my favorites.)



  1. Stana, I'm glad that you enjoyed these images as I certainly did. Coming up later this month are the SCC as well as the Cotillion hosted by Aid Atlanta. I believe that the latter is the best Womanless Pageant as the rules are quite clear and the guys go all out to present themselves as real life debs, stunning!
    Tanks fr psting

  2. Back when I lived on Long Island and was way too deep in the closet, my hairdresser mentioned that she did makeup for several of the Miss Fire Island contestants. I joked about her doing my makeup, and she responded seriously, but I couldn't bring myself to be serious back. I might've gotten out 25 years younger than I did!

  3. I love the four girls you picked Stana. I'd love to attend an event like the Atlanta Cotillion that was real femulation and drag. sigh...... maybe someday....