Friday, September 21, 2012

Jim Bridges

surprised housewife

Yesterday, Barbara left a comment on my “Street Style Provincetown” post.

Barbara and I go way back. She is one of my oldest friends in the trans world and is the treasurer and also coordinator of registrations and events for Fantasia Fair.

She commented, “Speaking of fashion at the fair... this year we welcome back the Master of MakeUp and Fashion Jim Bridges... who will be an integral part of this year's fashion show onstage and off!”

Jim Bridges is a Hollywood makeup artist. He gave me my first makeover at First Event in 1995.

That First Event was the first trans convention I ever attended and I was in awe the whole weekend.

After watching Jim makeover a random attendee, I was so impressed with the transformation that I made a reservation for a makeover.

His transformation of me was as impressive as the transformation I witnessed earlier. I literally did not recognize myself when he was finished.

"Is that really me?" I wondered when I looked in the mirror for the first time after the makeover.

I learned a lot about how to apply makeup during that makeover including skills that I still use today. I look forward to seeing Jim again and thanking him for helping me become the woman I am today!


  1. I had no idea about Fantasia Fair. I was planning to go to SCC this year, but something came up and ruined my plans. But Fantasia Fair sounds very cool and is nearby to me. Sadly, I have a business trip planned for much of October :( Anyway, thanks for highlighting this!

  2. Thanks for the First Event Mention.

  3. Where is Jim Bridges these days? Is he still working?