Monday, September 17, 2012

Her Masculine Brows


Femulating is easier today.

One reason, according to a study mentioned in The Huffington Post, is that women are not plucking and arching their eyebrows to the extent that they had in the past, thus relieving femulators from following suit.

I held off plucking and arching my eyebrows for a long time because I thought that they would give me away. Instead of plucking, I trimmed my eyebrow to neaten the unruly mess.

After trimming, no one noticed and I assumed my eyeglasses hid my handiwork. (I always wear eyeglasses in boy mode, but never in girl mode unless I am driving.)

Since no one noticed, I began plucking my eyebrows to thin them and arch them.

When my eyebrows approximated those of actress Keira Knightley (see photo), I figured if they were feminine enough for Keira, then they were feminine enough for me. So now I just pluck and trim to maintain my Keira eyebrows.


  1. I also trim my mine as the only time I wear glasses is to drive unless I'm around friends that do not know I dress part-time as far as I know they don't know.

  2. A huge thanks to the "metro-sexual" men who help us out in the brow area and else where!

  3. I'm sure it was my eyebrows that "told" on me as a youngster. Plucking and trimming them was not seen by me as a tell-tale sign but a way to simply make me look more feminine. My mother, however, quickly learned what I was up to!

    C'est la vie!

  4. I guess the secret is to trim and shape over time so there is no sudden change. Most barbers now ask if you want your eyebrows trimmed so there is obviously a trend towards neat eyebrows on men. The girl who sometimes does my make up for me herself has Keira style eyebrows so she is quite used to doing the same for me.