Tuesday, September 4, 2012

In Your Dreams - Part 2

I did not recall a single minute of last night's dreams, which is typical for me.

It seems that the dreams that I do remember either include dead relatives or me en femme or both.

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  1. Stana,

    Most of the dreams that I can remember have some component relating to dressing. Often I will have a number of related dreams where I am in similar surroundings or in similar clothes and over time I can piece toghether enough memories to cobble together a coherent dream scenario. It is often hard to remember the dreams in specific detail.

    This was not the case when I used Chantix to quit smoking almost two years ago. One noted side effect of this drug is listed as 'vivid dreams'. They were not kidding. For the several months that the drug was in my system I had a series of amazing and enjoyable dreams complete with color, music, dialog, etc. They were so amazing that I prepared a diary of my dreams that I will revisit from time to time to reactivate the pleasant memories.