Friday, September 14, 2012

Leopard Skin Platform Pumps

The leopard skin platform pumps in yesterday's New York City Fashion week street style post caught my eye as well as one of the blog's readers, Lynn Jones. The more I looked at those shoes, the more I wanted them.

The source of the photo, New York Magazine's "The Cut," provided no clue about the shoes. I checked all the websites of my usual shoe stores and I found a reasonable facsimile, if not the exact shoe that graced the feet of the fashionista in the photo on the Nine West website.

It is available in my size, but the price is a little high ($109), so I will wait for a Nine West sale before I take the plunge.


  1. Target has a very similar style in stock right now, at least in my area, at a far more reasonable $30 or so. You might also check DSW and Famous Footwear.

  2. I admit, my eye was caught by these shoes as well, Stana. They're absolutely heavenly!

  3. Ooo, name in lights moment. Thanks :-) They are very nice. I think I'll have to have a rummage on the web on this side of the pond. It's a trend that's been going a little while here, so with a bit of luck, the sales will start early!


    Ah, Bill Cunningham

  5. I had an attractive co-worker that had a pair of these, I Couldn't take my eyes off of them. She probably thought I was weird, but I suppose it's still better than staring at cleavage :-)