Monday, September 10, 2012

Femulations of Film and Television

John Hansen - The Christine Jorgensen Story - film US - 1970 I added 21 photos to the Film and Television set of The Femulated collection on flickr.

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  1. Speaking for myself, I've had a realization along my path. Femulation, at least from the male to female standpoint, has been going on much longer than I knew. My being gay only paved the way for me to become a "tranny".

    I'm so glad I was not opposed to that!

    Thanks for all you do, Stana.

  2. Dear Stana,

    The wonderful and supremely talented Irish actor, Cillian Murphy, has femulated in 3 films: BREAKFAST ON PLUTO and PEACOCK (in each of which he played a transwoman), and in one scene in SUNBURN (in which he played a non-TG guy who had to dress as a woman with other male co-workers for a special "dress up" night at a bar they worked at). The film SUNBURN is not to be confused with another film in which Cillian starred, the very good sci-fi film SUNSHINE.

    In an interview with INCEPTION cast-mate Tom Hardy (who femulated in that film), Cillian expressed that he enjoyed the femulating roles and found them to be interesting, although there's no evidence that he is transgendered (TS or CD). He's very open-minded. He is able to play very likable persons, very complex persons (like in BREAKFAST ON PLUTO or PEACOCK), and very villainous persons (like in two of the BATMAN films and RED EYE).