Monday, September 24, 2012

Atlanta's Womanless Cotillion for Southern "Belles"

Photos from the annual Atlanta Cotillion are showing up on the Internet. So far, the biggest batch of photos (71 in all) from the September 5th womanless event are here.

The event was spectacular and the images are inspiring to girls like us!

(Thank you, Aunty Marlena, for the link to the photos.)


  1. Lovely girls - if not for the notice, I wouldn't have even suspected most of them - most GGs should be so pretty

  2. Stana & Marlena: thanks for posting these images. The Cotillion is the best Womanless Pageant around. The Debs and guests really go all out with their presentations in evening gowns, hair and makeup.
    However, in my opinion, prior cotillions had better and more images. There were 4 debs this year as compared to 8-10 in prior years. There were also more images of guests.
    Lets see if more images appear on Flickr or other sites.
    Bottom line, you two do a great service for our community by sharing the wonderful images of these pageants, some more than others.

  3. Some of these girls are clearly ggs. However the quality of the femulation is pretty good!

  4. Some of these ladies are guest ggs I fear. But on the whole good femulations!

  5. why real girls in photo?