Sunday, September 2, 2012

Trans Sisters at the Casino

I went to the casino yesterday in boy mode for a family birthday party.

The party arrived at the casino at about 1 PM and the festivities began with some pre-dinner gambling.

I invested $40 in one slot machine and 30 minutes later, I walked away with $320.

The casino was crowded yesterday due to the long holiday weekend and it was difficult finding available slot machines to play. As a result, I did not lose much of my winnings and used them to pick up the dinner tab.

We finished dinner at about 7 PM and it was now "high glam" time in the casino. Everywhere I looked, I saw young women dressed to kill in evening gowns, cocktail dresses and their highest heels.

Among the glamorous women filing into the casino, I also noticed a few boys in evening gowns, cocktail dresses and their highest heels. Some of  "girls" were more glamorous than the girls.

My trans radar is pretty good and I am sure that I detected my sisters en femme last night. And I am 99% sure about the ones who were using the men's restroom!  


  1. Congratulations on winning and not giving it back!

    May I ask which casino it was? In Vegas hardly anyone dresses up any more, except girls going to clubs. I felt chronically overdressed merely by wearing a neat dress and makeup.

  2. Kathy --- The casino is Mohegan Sun in Ledyard, Connecticut.

  3. I tend to agree with Kathy regarding dressing up and that goes no matter where you go. It's a sign of the times - woo hoo hoo!

  4. Last time I went to one of the river boat casinos in Dubuque later in the evening I was in a nice skirt/blouse outfit in heels and did win a couple of hundred. I was not overdressed but was definitely more dressy than many other women there.
    I did not win at an earlier time in boy mode. Wonder if being trans is the key. How many others of us have had similar experiences?

  5. a full time employee in one of those establishments, I can attest to you that the glam is full-on on a weekend. My neck is sore every morning, from the near whiplash I get from checking out the hundreds of beautifully dressed ladies. Many women use the casino as a place to promenade their latest fashion purchases. I can also note that there are many g*rls among the girls. I know my trans radar is working. Its good customer service to make everyone feel welcome so I make sure, when I know I am talking to a trans-sister at work, to treat her like a lady would like to be treated. When a trans-sister is feeling a bit scared or worried about being out in public there is nothing more reassuring than hearing, "Good evening ladies, you look fabulous tonight."

  6. Congratulations!