Monday, September 3, 2012

In Your Dreams

Last night was one of those nights! I had some unusual dreams and I actually remembered bits and pieces of some.

(I blame it all on the Chinese food I ate for dinner.)

One dream was the kind of dream that only a trans girl would dream.

Hot on the high heels of the success of the film Bridesmaids, an outfit out of Las Vegas now offers a "Vegas bridesmaids' experience" for you and your wedding entourage. Called "Bridesboys," the service is intended for the males of the wedding party and includes a complete head-to-toe male-to-female transformation before the "girls" spend the night doing Vegas.

I woke up before the transformation and bridesmaids' experience began. I hope to pick up tonight where I left off last night.

Please pass me the pork-fried rice. 



  1. For a certain prominent English family the Las Vegas experience may no longer be considered a positive one.

  2. Dee and I are going for Chinese food tomorrow for sure!

  3. Stana, your Yul Brynner photo reminded me of a syfi tv episode I remember, unfortunately I don't remember exactly what series syfi it was, it could have been star trek, I doubt it was galactic perhaps something completely different like Dr. Who, or that show were a bunch of space travelers are on a ship that is alive, don't remember the name.. But because of the lighting in this photo it brought back the connection of a worldly species where the male were more akin to our bird population in that the male of the species was the prettier, and thus pretty meant feminine and the actor portraying the male of this species was GORGEOUS! Any Idea's as to where I saw this, any one?

  4. There is an actual shop in Vegas that does transformations called Just You, which I used on my last trip there. It's run by a delightful lady named Amy, and I'd gladly vouch for her work.

    In her website she mentions photo shoots and fantasy sessions, including a bridal makeover. A "bridesboys" scenario would fit right in.

    So maybe you had a premonition rather than a dream?

  5. You really shouldn't give away your business ideas on the internet.

    I can only imagine the dreams you DON'T remember!

  6. Great dream idea! Like you I do not always remember my dreams but in those I do I am gorgeous and having a fantastic life doing something I had either done earlier that day or some recent time in my life.
    Have a great day.

  7. I always thought having a dream of myself in a fitted sequined gown and color meant something other than Chinese food! I'm ordering my dinner right now!

  8. Joan Elizabeth Barette: definitely not any Star Trek series, Stargate series or Babylon 5 series. I'd remember any of those.

    Try googling and look up the other possibilities.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.