Sunday, September 30, 2012

How to Manage Internet Haters

Some of you readers are also bloggers like me and occasionally, you may encounter an "Internet hater" also known as a "troll."

Femulate has had a few, but they are not a problem because I have learned (the hard way) how to handle them.

As its title indicates, "How to Manage Internet Haters" from Independent Fashion Bloggers offers some advice on the matter and is worth reading by my sister bloggers out there.

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  1. For most of my blogging I never had a problem with trolls, and then within the last year I started getting comments that were meant to slight other readers. What disappointed me the most was that the comments were not coming from outside the trans-community but from within. They were post-op and they looked down on anyone who wasn’t, calling them derogatory names.

    As a result I had to moderate my comments which I hate doing because I believe in an open discussion. I will publish any comment as long as they are respectful of others and do not use vulgar language.