Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Waistline Deducting

gut_duct My waistline is not apparent in boy mode. My bust, waist, and hip measurements are nearly equal.

Shapewear is my friend in girl mode. With shapewear, my bust and hip measurements increase a little and my waistline shrinks a little.

In yesterday's post about fall fashions, I mentioned that "under the cover of fallwear, women like us can use all sorts of shapewear and tape (surgical and duct) to mold our bodies into more feminine figures."

If I wear something low-cut and want to show cleavage, I use surgical tape to bring my girls closer together. It is very effective as can be seen here, and is painless until I remove the tape (OUCH!)

For a smaller waist, I depend on shapewear. Some shapewear is more effective than other shapewear in this department, but in all my years of femulating, nothing beats duct tape for reducing the waistline and flattening the stomach.

I used duct tape for waistline and stomach reduction about 15 years ago. Back then, I wore a longline bra and high-waist girdle and wrapped the duct tape over the girdle and bra for an amazingly small (for me) waistline.

Since the tape never touched my skin, it came off painlessly at the end of my femulation. The only problem was that the tape left a sticky residue on the girdle and bra that was impossible to remove completely. This necessitated ducting each time I femulated, otherwise the tape residue would stick to the clothes I was wearing. Since I did not want to duct my gut every time I femulated, I abandoned the trick and resigned myself to a thicker waistline.

Until now.

Online, I found a solution to the problem. Before applying duct tape, apply a layer of plastic wrap, then apply the duct tape over the plastic wrap. Using this method avoids the sticky residue; it also allows you to apply the plastic wrap-duct tape combo directly to your skin if you want to go without shapewear altogether or if you want to wear the shapewear over the duct tape to fine tune your figure.

By the way, it is best to use one continuous strip of duct tape for each go around your waist. Place the first strip of duct tape at the narrowest part of your waistline and apply the subsequent strips above and below the first strip.

I have used as few as three and as many as five strips of duct tape around my waist. Your mileage may vary to achieve a gorgeous hour-glass figure.


  1. AnonymousJuly 31, 2012

    I just gave this a try. I applied the plastic wrap tape combo directly over my skin and liked what it did for my figure. But first I had to get the plastic wrap to behave. Solution: spread it out on a hardwood floor, lie down on top of it and pull it around you. I didn't keep it on too long. I would imagine it gets pretty hot. And I'm not sure how long I could put up with having my insides so squished.

  2. Dear Stana,

    I am about 10 to 15 pounds over the weight that would make me look slim as a woman (without any shape-shifting). The area of most flab on my body is from my belly button up to just below where the bottom of a normal bra ends. I have a ribbed 8 or 9 inches tall waist cincher that works beautifully for me. My male waist is 39", and the waist cincher is size 36. It reduces my dimensions enough to make me look slim, although not nearly enough for an hourglass shape. But, I prefer flaring skirts and dresses, business skirted suits, or straight-line slim skirts with an untucked long blouse. These styles worn over the cincher give me a very nice tall, lean look, which I prefer for myself rather than the hourglass look.



  3. Gee--and I thought wearing a corset was uncomfortable!

    1. A Corset would work so much better. I also think the sight of duct tape would be disgusting, and that a corset is quite beautiful. Also can use long term for real results, plus good back support, get up to 2-4 inches, maybe 6 inches..

  4. AnonymousJuly 31, 2012

    Hi Stana. Thank you for the tip. Like you, my measurements are all about the same and I pondered what to do to get a more feminine figure. I've never used tape of any sort though I've considered it. What I've ended up doing was making my bust and hips bigger with breast forms and butt pads. I'm going to try the plastic wrap/ duct tape sometime so I can leave all the padding in the drawer.

    Thanks again.


  5. Yet more proof that you can do just about anything with duct tape. Red Green would be proud!

  6. Yes, thanks for the tip.

    And BTW, that's a use for duct tape the Mythbusters haven't discovered :)

  7. @Kathy ..

    Actually, the Mythbusters have politely turned that idea down. I asked.

    a San Fran born and bred T-girl.

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  9. I love corsets. They’re so great for posture.

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  12. I am 5 pound over weight and this really worked I lost 1 pound just wearing the plastic wrap and duck tape one night

  13. Thank you for the step-by-step and easy to follow procedures. I’ll start making some!!

  14. Thanks for sharing