Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Other Side of My Closet


Janie's blog post today inspired me to write the following.

One side of my closet is fresh and vibrant, the other side, not so much.

On one side of my closet, new items appear regularly and old worn-out items are replaced.

On the other side of my closet, there is dust on some items; old worn-out items are not thrown out unless absolutely necessary and are seldom replaced.

Guess which side of the closet is which?

The girl side of my closet is growing, while the boy side remains the same. It has gotten so crowded on the girl side that I moved all my special occasion dresses to an unused corner of my wife's closet.

My collection of shoes and bags is getting out of hand, too, and I am storing some of those items in my wife's closet.

I have not bought anything new from the men's aisles since late last winter and that was on the occasion of my regular undies purge in which I throw out all of my boy panties and camies and replace them with a fresh set.

Although the boy side of my closet is old and neglected, I buy new items for the girl side all the time.

It's like I'm getting ready to live as a woman full-time.


  1. You have the best of worlds. A wife, looking like a woman, attending functions as a woman, being accepted as one, things many of us will never have or be able to experience. You have told us little of your personal side and I respect you for that, but many of us have questions about your life, how your wife deals with your girl side, etc. If you dont wish to share, its understandable, but many of us are curious. Does she go out with you, or just let you do your own thing.


  2. AnonymousJuly 25, 2012

    I think you should live full time as a woman!