Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday On My Mind

I got a late start today.

I watched most of Saturday Night Live last night, so I did not get to sleep until 1 AM.

I was up at 6 AM to feed the cats and back in bed at 6:05.

I slept until 8 AM. Shaved, showered, moisturized, fetched the paper, walked the dog, made breakfast, ate breakfast, cleaned the litter boxes, did the laundry and before I knew it, the clock struck 12!

An e-mail yesterday got me thinking about the Sundays when I was a young girly boy dressing in my Sunday best to go to Mass and wishing that I was wearing my sister's Sunday best and not mine.

On the way home from Mass, Dad would stop at the newsstand to buy the New York papers and comic books for my sister and I. Typically, I would pick out some costumed DC superhero offering and my sister would pick out something from the Harvey line - Little Audrey, Dot and Lotta - something girly that I would eventually read, too.

Tammy e-mailed me a link to an article on The Huffington Post about the upcoming gender swap issue of Archie Comics. The article includes links to other articles on the topic of gender diversity in the comic book world.

It was interesting. I don't buy comic books anymore, but I may buy Archie next month.

Also, I don't go to church. Kneeling bags my nylons.


  1. One of my readers told me about the Archie. I've been waiting for the issue to come out. My problem now is, where the heck does one buy comic books?

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  3. Meg --- Online at or if you Google "comic book store ", Google will come back with a list of comic book stores in your area.

  4. will help you find a comic shop in your area.

    To avoid being disappointed, you may want to place a pre-order. Ask for item JUN120799 (That's the gender swap variant cover) or item JUN120798 (the regular cover). Contents are the same for both.

    Pre-ordering will allow your local retailer to anticipate demand, and guarantee you a copy.