Monday, July 30, 2012

Avoiding Fall Fashion Failures


Fall fashions are my favorite.

I am not a summer person. I don't like the heat, hate humidity more, and dread summerwear because the clothes of summer are too revealing.

It is not that I mind showing a little skin, but it requires a lot of hair removal. For example, when I wear a skimpy bikini to the beach, it requires hours of depilation.

I prefer autumn. The clothes are less revealing and require less prep in the hair removal department. Also, under the cover of fallwear, women like us can use all sorts of shapewear and tape (surgical and duct) to mold our bodies into more feminine figures.

Although I prefer fall fashions, that does not prevent me from having fall fashion failures.

Don't you hate it when you see a dress on the rack that you like, try it on in the dressing room, conclude that it looks fab on you in the mirror image, pay for it, take it home, wear it out and then see photos of yourself wearing your fab find and discover from the photos that the dress looks awful on you?

Luckily, I found an article on Stylist that may prevent fashion faux pas this fall. In Fall Dressing for Your Body Type, Karen Klopp writes that the key to fashion success is "to embrace your body type and pick clothing that will flatter it, not fight it!" And her article tells you how to do it.

My body is apple shaped, that is, "fuller on top and in the midsection and slimmer on the bottom." The photos accompanying this post are what Ms. Klopp recommended for the apple-shaped.

I particularly like the DVF dress dress on the right, but with a $398 price tag at Nordstrom, I will shop for something similar.

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  1. Think style over fashion - find what works for YOU, YOUR style, and stick with it. If skirts are short, but your legs are not so good - wear them a little long. And vice versa. Dress to your body type - no shoulder pads or spaghetti straps if you have broad shoulders. etc....

    If a fashion does not fit you - discard it.