Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kate, Spence and Stana

My wife was watching a Katherine Hepburn film yesterday and she wondered if Kate had any kids.

I said I didn't know, but I mentioned that she was gay.

My wife retorted, "What about her affair with Spencer Tracy?"

I said Tracy was gay, too. The "affair" was something cooked up to cover up their real sexuality.*

Then we discussed how it is different today and how people are coming out all the time these days.

Wife said, "Not everybody. Would you go to work dressed as a woman?"

I replied, "Sure I would."

She had nothing more to say.

* Source: Bowers, Scotty (2012). Full service: my adventures in Hollywood and the secret sex lives of the stars. New York: Grove Press.


  1. AnonymousJuly 29, 2012

    According to Wikipedia Katherine Hepburn was married once, no children:

  2. Neither Hepburn or Tracey were gay. Hepburn had multiple children with his wife and as a catholic could not or would not divorce. Tracey and Hepburn had a torrid romance that spanned decades. Kate was athletic, played golf, was not intimidated by men easily, and was a tough girl thus the lesbian accusation. If Kate had been a lesbian she would not have been afraid to say so.

  3. It would seem silence answers the question but the questioner does not choose to hear.

  4. When working for a upscale hotel years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Katherine and found her easy to talk to. Her ease to approach and confidence made our conversation very pleasant. She struck me as a very fine and elegant lady, kind of a ladies lady. What a nice day that was. One would never know if she was gay, but why would one care anyway? Its whats in the (your)heart that counts. Pretty much a non issue.