Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sew What?

cathy_lane Mom owned a Singer sewing machine and sewed beautiful dresses for her and my sister.

Often, I would peruse the dress patterns that were always lying around and wish that Mom would sew something for me. (She never did, although I never asked. In my heart, I think she would have if I had only asked.)

By watching Mom do it so many times, I learned how to use a needle and thread well enough to sew on a button and make minor repairs. I never got the hang of using a sewing machine, but once upon a time I did stitch together a micro miniskirt from scraps of red satin cloth that Mom had used for some other project.

Which brings me to a cool blog I came across recently called “Male Pattern Boldness,” which bills itself as "one man's sewing journey into the fantastic."

Peter Lappin is the man on the sewing journey and he describes his blog thusly, "I started sewing in June, 2009 and I am hooked. I sew all my own clothes from vintage patterns and sew exclusively on vintage sewing machines, including a 1920 Singer treadle! I sew for myself, my partner Michael, my two chihuahuas, Freddy and Willy, and my identical cousin, model Cathy Lane. Welcome to Male Pattern Boldness, where we discuss sewing, personal style, fashion, and more!"

...everything a femulating fashionista like myself loves to read about.

Peter's blog is interesting, amusing, and informative. Cathy Lane, Peter's identical cousin, models the woman's clothing that Peter sews (see photo above right).

Turns out that Cathy is really the girl that Peter wants to be  if he was a member of the opposite sex.

I love everything about Peter’s blog and I think you might like it, too!


  1. I love both of the purple dresses. And I'll check out that blog. Thanks!

  2. I used to sew all kinds of clothes for my ex-wife. My current wife wears only pants and shorts for street wear. I have some dresses I wear on a regular basis. I need to dust off the sewing machine to make dresses for myself.


  3. JohnH --- It would be very valuable for me to learn how to use a sewing machine so I could tailor my female wear to fit properly. (I could buy a new machine for what it costs to visit a tailor a few times.)