Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hello Halloween

From my perspective, Sunday is not a good day for Halloween.

One person wore a costume to work on Friday. She shed her costume before noon because no one else among the 80 people who work in my office appeared in costume.

I thought about wearing a costume to work, but I decided against it because I figured that no one else would wear a costume since it really was not Halloween. I was about 99% correct.

I thought about wearing a costume to work despite the likelihood that no one else would wear a costume. That really would have pushed the envelope, but I am not ready to push it that far at work yet.

I regretted my decision after I discovered that someone else showed up in costume. At least I would have had some company.

Next year, Halloween falls on Monday. Therefore, I will assume others will show up in costume, which means Monday Back-to-Work Drag for me.

Photo caption: Yours truly in Roaring Twenties flapper drag, Halloween 2009.


  1. Don't you go to work EVERY DAY in a costume???

  2. Last year, I showed up as Meg at my office, even though Halloween was on Saturday and no-one else was in costume. I just wore office attire, no special costume.

    My manager (who knows) encouraged it and I told people "you're supposed to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. I want N's job and this is how she dresses."

  3. Meg --- I will remember that for next Halloween.

  4. Such a shame when Halloween falls on a weekend. I was all prepared to dress up on Friday, but I did an informal poll and realised I'd be the one and only member of the management staff to take part.

    There's something to be said for individuality, but sometimes you just don't want to stand out quite that much. :)

  5. Barb --- Sad, but true.