Sunday, October 24, 2010

Helping Our Trans Sisters and Brothers

At Fantasia Fair, Tanya Duval was one of the girls who recognized me from my blog photos. She introduced herself and we chatted.

Tanya told me how she is involved with a group that helps low and no income transgendered people in Massachusetts.

"The Transgender Emergency Fund (TEF) was created to provide critical assistance to low-income transgender people. Through the fund’s intervention, transpeople in Massachusetts have been able to avoid homelessness, maintain access to health care, and live with greater dignity and stability."

With winter approaching, TEF needs funds now to help T-people to make it through the harsh weather.

To help raise funds, TEF published a cool calendar. Titled "Unbound By Body", the 2011 calendar features portraits of transgender community members, both male-to-female and female-to-male from throughout Massachusetts. The portraits are amazing, the femulations are excellent (Tanya herself appears as a June bride), and the female-to-male transformations are spot-on, too. (The photo above is a sample image from the calendar.)

The calendar costs only $10 plus $3 for shipping and handling. You can purchase it here and help support a great cause that assists our trans sisters and brothers.


  1. Sorry, this is a little late. I personnelly think you present a fabulous look! I love all you photo's! To be one of the FOREMOST best looking T-girl must be wonderfull. To be recognized at the Fantasia Fair and people think you are a gg is the absolute finests complement possible! I believe it's because of your hard work and time, you spent in considerance in what you wear, how you present yourself. I can only hope that many other T-girls, realize this (as above) and think "don't just throw on some clothes and makeup, present you self as proud of your personnal "life" choices.

  2. mrslickiv6 --- Thank you for the very kind words; you flatter me so!