Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday at Fantasia Fair

Another busy day, but a wonderful day in so many ways.

The compliments about this blog continued today. I was frequently embarrassed by the flattery.

It was also very affirming day for me in other ways.

Over dinner, I was chatting with two new friends, Cosette and Dianne, and we were discussing passing techniques. During our discussion, I mentioned how I always thought my voice was my weakness. They replied by saying my voice was perfect. And then they added that when they first saw me that they thought I was a genetic female!

Wow! I am still walking on air after those very, very kind words.

It is past midnight, I need to go to bed, but just a few words about the two photos accompanying this post.

The first photo is me with Ethan St. Pierre early this afternoon after Ethan gave today's keynote address. Ethan was this year's recipient of The Virginia Prince Transgender Pioneer Award, which is presented at Fantasia Fair each year.

The second photo is me at the The Virginia Prince Transgender Pioneer Award Banquet this evening.


  1. Dear Stana,
    That's really! You look fabulous, you acts as a real woman!I am envy of you! Go ahead, enjoy your femininity!
    Maria Victoria

  2. I love Ethan's hat!

    It makes him look so debonair. :-)

  3. The photo of you at the banquet is, in a word: stunning!

  4. I love the dress you wore to the banquet, you look so feminine.

  5. Thank you all for the compliments!