Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Not at Fantasia Fair

I had a great time at Fantasia Fair.

Although I only attended Sunday through Wednesday, I had a better time this year than the previous time I attended (in 2008), which was for a full week.

There are a lot of reasons for this.


I looked forward to making a presentation (titled "Femulate: The 'Center of the Blog Universe'") because it gave me an opportunity to do something for the community. However, I was nervous beforehand and was glad that I was scheduled to present on Monday so as to avoid being nervous through Tuesday or Wednesday.

Although my presentation was lightly attended, it actually had the second best attendance of the four presentations in the same time slot.

My presentation was not recorded, but I have my notes and plan put together a summary of my presentation for all who may be interested.


I was flattered by all the people (I lost count how many) who made a point to praise the blog. Some called it inspiring. Others claimed it encouraged them to go out en femme for the first time beyond their closets. A few even said that my blog was responsible for them coming to Fantasia Fair. Wow! 


Besides affirmation for the blog, I also received affirmation for my femulation. To be mistaken for a genetic female is probably the ultimate affirmation. It occurred more than once and it was even more significant since I was in the midst of other femulators, which should have given away the fact that I was a femulator, too.

Go figure, but I am not complaining and I still feel wonderful about it.


I met a lot of new people and made some new friends at Fantasia Fair. And I believe that a some of them may become good friends for a long time to come.

They say people come back to Fantasia Fair to get reacquainted with their friends. I can certainly identify with that reason for attending again next year.


I stayed at a bed and breakfast (Chicago House) that was centrally located for all the Fantasia Fair activities. It was literally in the shadow of the Pilgrim Monument and less than a five minute walk to most of the Fair venues. It also had on-site vehicle parking, which is not always an option in downtown Provincetown.

It was my first time at a B & B and I enjoyed the experience. My hosts, Chris and Dennis, were friendly and very accommodating and being an animal person, I enjoyed the company of their two dogs and two birds.

Boxer Billy, bulldog Bandy, and I became great friends. They greeted me whenever I arrived back at the B&B and their presence also made it a little easier to be separated from my own canines.

Mother Nature

The weather was a big improvement over my first Fantasia Fair weather experience. It was sunny every day and the daytime temperatures ranged between the mid 50s to the low 60s. The evenings required outerwear, but during the daytime, it was so warm some days  that I went without.


I was full of anticipation before going to Fantasia Fair, but before turning in on Sunday night, I wondered if the four-hour trip and expended funds would be worth it.

My answer is "Yes! Yes! and yes!”

Photo caption
: A group of us were chatting in front of the Crown & Anchor after Ethan St. Pierre's keynote speech on Tuesday. During the chat, I pulled out a camera to take photos and this is one that a passerby volunteered to take of the whole group. Left to right, there is Abby Saypen, a Fantasia Fair Director, Brigitte, a first-timer at the Fair, Ethan St. Pierre, myself, and Jan Brown, the Fantasia Fair program organizer.


  1. Thanks for sharing, delighted it was a great experience for you Stana.

    Interesting to me how, no matter how self-sufficient and independent one becomes in their Femulation (or any aspect of life I suppose) it is lovely and life giving to find oneself in the company of people we share an enthusiasm with.

    I must consider putting FF on my schedule for next year.

    Thanks for, literally, everything.


  2. Petra --- You are very welcome!