Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Name and Facebook

When I changed my name from Staci to Stana back in May, I tried to change my name on Facebook to no avail. (Facebook insisted that Stana was not my real name!)

I gave up trying, but I revisited the issue today.

I was not able to change my name to Stana, but it did allow me to add Stana as an "alternate name." So now if someone searches for "Stana" on Facebook, they will find me.

By the way, my new name was a big hit at Fantasia Fair. The only issue was that some people pronounced it by rhyming Stana with Donna, while others pronounced it by rhyming Stana with Vanna. I think I prefer the latter, but I am ok with the former, too.


  1. It's odd that it's refusing to accept your name. I've got friends who have been changing their names to silly things like Delirious Sheila and Tha Bludger.
    (Australian slang, Sheila = woman, Bludger = lazy person)

  2. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet!


  3. Alice --- At times, dealing with Facebook is like wrestling a greased pig.