Monday, October 4, 2010

How You Polled Your Leg

Last week's poll asked "When you femulate, what kind of hosiery do you usually wear?" and after a week's long poll with 679 respondents, the results are:

• 62% (424 respondents including myself) usually wear pantyhose or tights

• 30% (204 respondents) usually wear stockings

• 7% (51 respondents) usually wear no hosiery at all

I was surprised that 3 out of 10 usually wear stockings. Before the poll started, I guessed that femulators would be more likely to wear stockings than genetic women, but I did not expect that figure to be that much more likely. Personally, I don't know any genetic woman who usually wear stockings, so that 30% result is amazing!

There are some comments to the original post that explain some of the respondent's votes and non-votes; they have only a miniscule effect on the 62-30-7% results.


  1. I'd like to comment further on your hosiery poll. Personally, I've always loved wearing all sorts of colored tights. And I'm happy to see that GG's have embraced this trend in a big way these last few years. If I got out more often, I'd take credit as a trend setter! You should add them to your mix, start with muted greys and browns and gradually add blues and more.

  2. Just a question about controls. Do you have any idea what percentage of your respondents were actual natal females?

    Do you know how many were heterosexual cross dressers?

  3. Very interesting poll - I'd say that 90% of our male customers always wear stockings.
    Many women are also starting to convert to stockings & garter belts as opposed to pantyhose. It takes a bit of practice and time to get used to it but it is a much more feminine and sensual look.

  4. Hi Stana,

    I do love your blog. Thank you for writing it.

    I find the idea that it is one or the other strange. I wear tights, stockings, hold ups and go bare legged. It all depends what else I'm wearing and where I'm going and (sometimes) who with.

    I would have thought most are the same?

    Y. xxx

  5. When I first started dressing I considered thigh-highs de rigeur, and they're still fun occasionally, especially in winter, but for my money, nothing is more attractive, to the eye and touch, than smooth, tan, bare legs. What could be sexier than skin?