Thursday, October 28, 2010

Out Last Night or How the Femulating Fashionista Fouled Up

This girl went out last night.

Days ago, I decided to wear the gray sweater dress I wore last Tuesday in Provincetown. I changed my mind for two reasons: (1) it is short (maybe too short for walking around the mall) and (2) in consideration of the image consultant who would be speaking at the support group meeting I planned to attend, I thought something more business-like was in order. (I was under the impression that most of her clients were Boston female executives.)pink_chanel_suit

So, I decided to wear my Chanel suit knock-off.

I really don't like suits too much; I don't like the way suits look on me, but I thought that the occasion called for a suit and I had not worn the Chanel knock-off yet...

But what shoes should I wear? I thought that beige shoes would be best (to match the beige buttons of the suit). I own two pairs of beige shoes. I really don't like either pair too much, but that was all I had, so I selected the pair that more closely matched the beige of the buttons.

I dressed in my reluctant outfit and went to the mall.

As I walked through Nordstrom's, I checked myself out in their floor-to-ceiling mirrors and regretted my choice of footwear. Beige was too bright and looked wrong with the rest of the outfit, but I continued on.

First stop was Victoria's Secret to buy a new bra. I wanted one like the one I bought last December. Called "Plunge," it is the best bra I have ever own.

Evidently, they discontinued Plunge, but the saleswoman helped me find a bra that was similar called "Very Sexy Plunge." It looks the same as Plunge; I will try it on later today and find out for sure if it is the same.

Next stop was Sephora where I bought some makeup I was running low on (moisturizer, eyebrow pencil, and foundation). While I was checking out, I saw the Sephora saleswoman, who performed a makeover on me four years ago and was so instrumental in changing my attitude about going out en femme with her words, ""You only have one life to live and you should live it like you want. If someone has a problem, then it is their problem, not yours."

I wanted to thank her, but by the time I finished checking out, she had disappeared.

I did some window-shopping, looked at a few dresses in Nordstrom's, then I returned to my Subaru to drive to the support group meeting.

Before arriving at the meeting hall, I stopped at CVS to buy a bottle of water.

There were a lot of cars parked around the meeting hall, so I assumed attendance would be high. I was correct; the place was packed with approximately 30 attendees.

At 8 PM, Ginger Burr, the image consultant, began her presentation and it ran about 90 minutes.

I asked her to critique my outfit and she agreed that the shoes were wrong. She also suggested opening the top button of my jacket and wearing a shorter strand of pearls.

Her presentation was very informative and I learned a lot. She emphasized that we should only wear things we like that make us look beautiful and make us feel good about ourselves. With that in mind, I should have worn the gray sweater dress.


  1. Sue McDonnellOctober 28, 2010

    I wouldn't call that fouling up. Fouling up is what happened to me in Toronto this past Sunday. I was walking back with my darling wife to our hotel. We had just eaten at the Hard Rock Cafe. It had been raining a little and we were walking rather briskly. I walked past a bicycle that was parked at one of the many places along the sidewalk and the bike fell over against me. I lost my balance and ended up flat on my face on the sidewalk. I bruised my left knee and skinned the right one. My pantyhose, amazingly, were unscathed. (chalk up one for Hanes Alive). Luckily I had brought some tights along, so my next outing wouldn't show my battered up knees.

  2. I like the idea of the sweater dress, but it is too short for you period. You need a longer one. Just a smidge longer, not much.

  3. Please, put on your suit and show us how you look...i think you're kind of shy...
    Maria Victoria

  4. I love your blog, and your adventures. I just wanted to leave a comment saying that in a dream last night, I dreamed I met you! It was awesome. Anywhoo. Thought I'd share that

  5. I would also like to see you in a suit. I would like a suit but haven't found one yet that works. The gray sweater dress is fabulous but I also loved the dress you wore at the fashion show.

    Love the picture with Ethan, and love your smile. It was so wonderful to meet you and I am grateful.


  6. I think I look good in a sweater dress no matter how short. On the other hand, I think I looked dumpy in my Chanel knock-off suit and I don't want to scare off my readers by displaying any photos of that fashion debacle.

  7. M (Audrey) --- What was I wearing?

  8. Kathryn --- I was great meeting you last week. I hope you had a great time at Fantasia Fair.