Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday Wanderings

IMG_1263_cropped_blogged A Fix For Feeding Femulate to Facebook

I thank everyone who responded to my plea for help on how to feed this blog to Facebook.

Petra of Voyages en Rose fame suggested I use Google Reader as an intermediary.

Here are the steps to accomplish it:

1. In Google Reader, subscribe to the blog you want to feed to Facebook.

2. In the Google Reader settings, under the Send To options, put a check mark in the Facebook check box.

3. In your web browser, set as an exception in your pop-up blocker (if you are using one).

4. In Google Reader, select a blog post to feed to Facebook by clicking on the Send To link displayed below the blog post. ("Facebook" should appear as a menu option when you click on Send To.)

If all goes well, the selected blog post will appear on your Facebook page. Note that it is not an automatic feed; you will have to manually select each blog post you wish to send to Facebook. It is better than nothing, which is what I had until Petra came to my rescue.

A Good Thing About Glaucoma

Yesterday, my eye doctor tested me for glaucoma.

My doctor explained that if I do have glaucoma, he will prescribe eye drops to hold off vision loss. He then listed the side effects of the eye drops. When he mentioned eyelash growth, I reacted quickly with a big smile and two thumbs up.

The doctor seemed confused by my positive reaction to that side effect. Meanwhile, I thought to myself that the woman that I am is taking over my life completely and any pretenses of being a male are falling by the wayside.

Another Fantasia Fair Photo

The photo above is from a week ago, i.e., my last night in Provincetown when I dined at Front Street restaurant with some new and old friends. 


  1. The only real drawback about those drops is that they can apparently make your eyes turn grey, regardless of what colour they were to begin with.

  2. Alice --- My doctor did mention those side effects, too.