Sunday, October 10, 2010


The anticipation is building!

One week from now, I will be making the four-hour roadtrip to Provincetown to attend my second Fantasia Fair.

Friday, I made a list of everything I have to pack. I figured I could fit it all into two pieces of luggage: a garment bag and a large suitcase. (I will also be taking my tackle box of cosmetics and my computer bag, so that is really four pieces of luggage. That is half the number I hauled to Provincetown two years ago, which make sense since I am going for only a half-week rather than a full-week as I did in 2008.)

Saturday, I packed all my outfits (dresses, skirts, tops, outerwear, and shoes) into the garment bag. That is the bulk of it, so the remainder should easily fit in one large suitcase, which I will pack next Saturday.

My plans for attending Fantasia Fair are loose. Two years ago, I stuck closely to the agenda. As a result, I was busy all the time. This year, I will pick and choose what I want to do, so I should have a more relaxed schedule.

Two things I cannot miss:

My workshop on Monday afternoon

• An appointment for an image consultation on Tuesday afternoon

I also will not miss any meals and evening activities that are included in the attendance fee.

Other than that, anything goes!


  1. Love the picture. You look absolutely fabulous!!

  2. Best of luck, hon! Now that my wife knows about Sally, I'm hoping we can maybe work in a trip next year.

  3. your going to have a trip of a livetime. indulge it

  4. Well Stana, I will very sadly miss your presentation! I am sure it will be terrific and I wish you luck! As your readers may remember, 'twas I and Jamie of Fantasia Fair who first realized that Femulate was indeed The Center of the Blog Universe ;-)

    By the by, Paula Howard, TCNE's Prez will be down there Wednesday talking about our little group. She's a delight if you happen to bump into her!

    Your readers who are attending Fantasia Fair might be interested to read my interview with Jan Brown, this year's Fantasia Fair workshop director, she's a peach and she has some fun insights, your readers can see her interview at

    Have a wonderful time Stana and let us know how it goes, you have a wonderful writing style and wit and it will be a joy to read your perceptions.

    See you around the blogosphere!