Friday, October 29, 2010

Bra Training

bombshell As I mentioned here, I visited Victoria’s secret to buy a new bra when I went out en femme on Wednesday.

I wrote yesterday, "I wanted one like the one I bought last December. Called 'Plunge,' it is the best bra I ever owned.

"Evidently, they discontinued Plunge, but the saleswoman helped me find a bra that was similar called 'Very Sexy Plunge.' It looks the same as Plunge; I will try it on later today and find out for sure if it is the same."

Last night, I compared the new bra with the old bra and they are not the same; they are similar, but not very. The old bra was much, much better.

For $48, I want what I want. So, I visited the Victoria's Secret store (Meriden Westfield Mall) where I bought the old bra, rather than returning to the store (West Farms Mall) where I bought the new bra.  (The saleswoman, who waited on me at West Farms was new and not completely familiar with the product line.)

In boy mode, I brought the old and new bras with me and explained my predicament to a sales rep at the Meriden store. She immediately recognized my old bra as their Miraculous Bombshell bra, which was not discontinued afterall. Rather, it was on prominent display in the center of the store's bra section.

I picked out a replacement; a pretty model with black lace over off-white cups (photo above) and exchanged it for the wrong bra.


  1. Yes the Miraculous bombshell bra's are great! I have a few of them myself

  2. The consumer wins! Sadly to my experience there is too much turnover and not enough expertise at VS.

    When you find a good rep, they are golden. Glad you got things fixed up.

    I cannot help myself ...


    Happy Halloween

  3. Happy Halloween, Petra!!!

  4. This bra fits very well, and is amazingly comfortable. I will buy wonderbra bras .