Monday, September 11, 2023

Stuff 9

By J.J. Atwell

Hello again

There seems to be no end to stuff. This is the ninth installment and I’m grateful to Stana and especially those that follow her blog, for the feedback that I’ve received. Today’s topic is one we can all relate to.  


It’s probably obvious, but I’ll say it anyway, when presenting as a woman, boobs are an important part of our look. I know some of my readers have basically grown their own. Stana has commented several times that she has always had enlarged breasts. But the rest of us need to create the illusion of boobs. In keeping with the theme of this blog, we need to “stuff.”  :) 

There are so many things to consider when pondering boobs. Let’s talk about size first. 

Some of us go for the largest size they can get. While my guy side is a “breast man,” my femme side prefers a size that is proportionate to my body, so I’m usually in either a B or C cup. Of course GGs wind up with breasts in a wide range of sizes and have limited options.  Sure they can get implants or even breast reductions, but that’s a big decision requiring surgery. As CDs, we have some much simpler options.  

Bra sizes

Let’s talk about bras. How do you decide about size? Several possibilities. A good first step is to find your bra band size (that’s the number part of the bra size). That’s pretty easy. If your guy side wears a suit/sports coat, you can start with that size as your bra band. In other words, if your sport jacket is a 38, then start with a bra band that size. Buy one in any cup size and wear it for a while, several hours at least, to see how comfortable it is. If it’s too tight, go up a size. Just remember that the band is supposed to be snug, but not tight.  

OK, so now what about cup size? Most of us decide by trial and error. Now that you have a bra in the right band size, grab one with a cup size that you think might be right. Perhaps a C to start with. Put some “stuff” (socks will do) in the cups just so they hold their shape. Then put on a top and look in the mirror. Look straight on and sideways. Do they look “natural?”  Try a larger or smaller cup size and repeat. Be honest with yourself, do they look realistic? Of course, we might decide to be different sizes for different occasions!

In a future installment I’ll talk more about boobs. I’ll cover breast forms and alternatives. I’ll also ponder what GGs think about their breasts. Or at least what I think they think. Yes, that’s the stuff!

I’ll be back

I’d love to read your comments about boobs. Comments are welcome either here on the blog or by email to Jenn6nov at sign gmail dot com.  

JJ is always looking for more stuff!

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  1. JJ, great advice and yes should be body appropriate. Cartoons will tend to show huge breasts that draw unwanted attention to the presenter. Do you use rice in a stocking, rubber inserts or the one piece wearable that needs a choker to hide the neckline?

    1. I'm not JJ but I have used all three. My personal preference is to use the individual breast forms in a standard bra. I really love the wearable breastplate but the color of the silicone is nothing like my skin tone and in Nevada it's mighty warm to have something covering a good percentage of my torso.

    2. JJ here. I currently use breast forms from The Breast Form Store. I've got three different sets, two of which are self adhesive, in various sizes. In the past I've used the rice in a stocking trick. I've also bought some forms from Amazon but haven't been thrilled with them so they are long gone.

      I've never tried a breast plate and doubt that I will. I understand they are very warm and the need to match your skin tone can be problematic. Yes, the pictures look good, but I'm not sure that they would look realistic in person.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!!!

  2. My first "falsies" are a larger Nerf ball that is cut in half. They still work well when I wear a bra under my nightgown. I do not have commercial forms as that is a step too far in my "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" marriage. I use ten inch balloons that I fill with water which enables me to further enhance or reduce my cup size depending on my mindset for the day. Over the decades I have had only one "failure" and that was when I was alone at home. As long as I inspect them as they are filling and do not overfill, they work well. They give a nice bounce.

    1. JJ here. Appreciate you relating your experience. I've always shied away from the water ballon solution for fear of one bursting.

      As far as bounce goes - yes I love the feeling when walking along and feeling the tug on the bra straps.
      Thanks for reading my Stuff

  3. the advantage of being a CD choose the size you want B, D even G if you want I have used several sizes in the past but I have pretty much settled on C. It fits my body size and I like the bounce I'm 5'10" 170 on a good day I've gone bigger and smaller and I have pretty much settled on C The bigger ones drew too much attention and the smaller didn't have the bounce

    1. JJ here. Yes, you're right about being able to pick the size you want to be. Like you I've pretty much settled on a "C" size. Currently I have 3 sets of forms, one of which is closer to a B, that I use interchangeably.

  4. I am height weight proportional. Got gynecomastia during puberty and only slightly went away. I hit 60 and experienced a huge hormonal imbalance. Did not gain weight but my boobs sure did. 38B/C. Not much underarm boob but more just straight forward. I have worn a bra full time for the last 5 years. Very hard to conceal now especially in the summer months. So in drab it’s compression shirts and sports bras. And sometimes I don’t care if people see the big .. but when dressed, they are in a nice underwire bra and are front and center šŸ˜ƒšŸ‘

    1. JJ here,. Thanks for relating your experiences. I'm sure it helps others making similar decisions!

  5. The website has great detailed information on sizing, band and cups. And a well hidden section with numerous reviews by men who buy and use their lingerie. And lots of details about everything they sell.