Saturday, September 30, 2023

Saturday Satire


Source: Ann Taylor
Wearing Ann Taylor

Martin Weiß
Martin Weiß femulating in the 2004 German film Agnes and His Brothers.


  1. Marianna JuliannaSeptember 30, 2023

    I'm pleased to have found you, loved your account of being with the other Avon ladies. I'll be going through more of your pages when I have the time. Love from Suffolk, England, Marianna

  2. I believe that is Paul Gilbert again femulating in the Somedays Funnies. If I may, I would suggest looking up the Spanish language soap opera 'Por ella Soy Eva' and the marvelous femulation by actor Jamie Camil. I don't speak Spanish, so I don't know what's going on but his femulation is excellent, I believe you can find examples on youtube.

    1. Yes, it is Paul Gilbert femulating in the film "Sylvia." Jaime Camil in "Por ella soy Eva" has appeared in the Femulator slot in the past.

  3. Love your blog photo!