Sunday, September 3, 2023

Someday Funnies

Source: Halston
Wearing Halston

The Queen
Male beauty pageant contestants in the 1968 film documentary The Queen.
View this film on YouTube by clicking here.


  1. Have to ask--where did you find the lettering font that so perfectly emulates Schulz's work?

    1. If I am writing a lot of text, I use Comic Sans MS. If I am just replacing a few words, I copy and paste letters from the original. And since you asked, I was motivated to look online and I found a free Peanuts font: (! Have not used it yet, but I will definitely use it in my next Chickpeas strip.

    2. I'll have to check that out. You may want to check out the fonts available on this site: I use one from there called Digital Strip for nearly all my comics related work.

  2. The Queen...I had a classmate talk me into going. I thought it was about the queens of England...well surprise surprise it wasn't, he then told me his goal in life was to be a drag queen...left New York and went to San Francisco and made a life for him/her self. Sadly he would die in the 80s from AIDS but when ever I see a mention of that movie and think of him/her and the wish she got to live out.