Friday, September 29, 2023

Just Another Avon Lady

This is a previously posted story of one of my more memorable days out en femme

My day started earlier than usual because I had to get up, get en femme and drive to the other end of the state by 10 AM to attend Avon’s “Come Home for the Holidays” show. The show was intended to acquaint us Avon representatives with new products to sell during the holidays. Besides the opportunity to see the new products and hobnob with the other Avon ladies, a $50 gift bag awaited each attendee. How could I resist?

The show took place at the Foxwoods casino, the biggest casino in the USA. Problem is that you can’t get there from here. It is only 70 miles away, but the route is so convoluted that it takes 90 minutes over some bad roads to get there.

I was on the road at 8:20 and the weather was terrible. The Northeast was being deluged again, flash floods and traffic accidents here and there throughout the state, Noah was gathering lumber... not ideal driving under the gun conditions, but I managed to pull into a Foxwoods parking garage at 10 AM on the dot.

I wore my mid-heel Mary Janes, a very comfortable shoe, probably my most comfortable shoe. When I bought the shoe, the salesman said that it sells out quickly because of its reputation as being comfortable, yet it is a nice-looking shoe. Anyway, I needed the comfort because now I had to sprint to the other side of the casino.

The casino is very big and I had to walk about one-third of a mile to get from my parked car to the site of the show, the Grand Pequot Ballroom. I arrived at the Ballroom at about 10:15 along with a huge throng of other Avon representatives. Turns out that they opened the doors at 10 AM, but that the show was continuous all morning long. There was no need to be there at 10 AM on the dot, so I did not have to hurry to get there. C'est la vie.

I joined the throng, which was about 99% female and 1% male and probably 75% of the males were with their spouses, so I assume the wife in these couples was the Avon rep and the male was their supportive husband.

Just about everyone I encountered treated me nicely... as if I belonged. I only noticed one or two in the huge crowd that might have had some transphobia, but that is only my take on them – they just might have been having a bad day or they could not handle crowds.

As far as I can tell, I was just one of the girls. I chatted with a few and everyone I asked, graciously took my photo. I must have made a positive impression because whenever I encountered someone I had chatted with earlier, they acknowledged me with a wave and a smile.

One woman said that she loved my dress (she was also wearing a dress). I'd estimate that about 10% of the women wore dresses or skirts; the rest wore slacks, but almost all the outfits would be considered “business casual” garb.

By the way, I was not the tallest woman in attendance. I counted three that were as tall, if not taller than me. And there were perhaps a dozen six-footers in the crowd. This was the first time I had the opportunity to get up close to my manager and she was tall, too.

I saw a couple of items that I will definitely order for myself (for myself or as gifts). After 90 minutes, I repaired to the ladies’ room to fix my makeup, then I proceeded to the various casinos in the complex to try my luck at the slot machines.

I usually play 25-cent slot machines and I had to search for them because it seems that the penny slot machines are taking over. The first quarter machine I played, I walked away up $20. That was an auspicious start.

The second machine I played, I won 600 quarters ($150) on the third spin! It occurred to me that whenever I play the slots en femme, I am always successful – maybe the gods are trying to tell me something. After that, I held my own and managed to walk away $180 ahead at day’s end. Nice!

I exited the casino at 2:30 PM headed for home.

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Paul Gilbert
Paul Gilbert femulating in the 1965 film Sylvia.


  1. Speaking of Avon...
    On a typical Sunday morning with the brutally hot weather in the Dallas-Fort Forth area I wore a dress to church, with my usual heels, nylons, painted nails, and makeup. I doll myself up more than most women of the church. And some lady handed me an Avon catalog. It's interesting she handed the catalog to me, a man, instead of some woman. I guess she figured I would be more likely to order something from the catalog more than anybody else.


  2. I'm familiar with the picture of Paul Gilbert from the book "What a Drag" which has many pictures of men being women in the movies, TV and stage. Well actually the cover has Julie Andrews in male mode from "Victor Victoria" so it goes both ways, as it were. I'm always jealous of the male actors that get the benefit of the professional makeup people to perfect their feminine looks.
    By the way Paul Gilbert is adoptive father of Melissa Gilbert, Sara Gilbert and their brother Jonathan Gilbert.

  3. There are not many people who can make money femulating out side the entertainment industries
    Discussing and selling cosmetics woman to woman with customers takes passing to a new level

  4. Ms. Sissy MissiOctober 01, 2023

    I wish that you were my areas Avon Lady hun. After you knocked/rang my door bell I would open the door for you dressed in my new outfit/ensemble sans makeup and then at the table I'd ask your advice about what I should wear/how to put it on correctly. I would be a guaranteed sale and would give you a little bonus afterward for your help!!! I know that facial makeup companies for the most part discourage this these days but road testing as I call it is the easiest and fastest way to sell anything. It's all about the serving the customer desires and needs i.e. making a couple of bucks so to speak while enjoying our total femininity etc.