Friday, September 22, 2023

Being Grateful

By Tami Knight

As I sat with several women in the salon waiting area for my blowout, I could not help but notice the woman to my left. She was likely in her late 60’s, very fit, gray hair with a cheerful face that invites one to say good morning. I told her that her “hair looked great as is, so what are you doing here?” She quickly sensed both the compliment and the humor and we were off chatting about being high maintenance.

One topic led to another and I added that I choose to enjoy the high maintenance! She agreed with a chuckle, so much like other wise and good-humored seniors. 

The subject changed to other matters of daily life. I shared a quote I love and often use it with young people, “You can’t be happy unless you are grateful.”

Claire came to fetch me as she was ready for me. As I stood up, my senior friend told me how nice it was to talk and I wished it didn’t have to end. Another woman seated close by who had listened smiled approvingly. I was so grateful to meet her, to give a compliment and get a pleasant conversation started. 

At 11 AM, I was off to Floras for lunch with my newest friend, Rebecca. A beautiful day, a stylish outfit for lunch out and a busy afternoon ahead of me. Life is good.

Source: Rue La La
Amanda Uprichard

Rishi Kapoor
Rishi Kapoor femulating in the film Rafoo Chakkar, a version of Some Like It Hot from India.


  1. Gratitude means being thankful for what you have instead of always wanting more. When you're grateful, you pay attention to the good things in your life, like the people you love, the experiences you've had, and the things you own. This can make you feel happier and more satisfied. Gratitude is like changing how you look at things. Instead of thinking about your problems or what you don't have, you focus on the good stuff and appreciate it. This can help you feel more positive and content. Paula G

  2. Rachel McNeillSeptember 25, 2023

    Gratitude is the result of bringing our expectations in-line with our circumstances.

    Years ago, a friend of mine once said aloud about his own complaints "Oh sweetie, your problems are SO upper- Northwest"

    (upper NW in D.C. is the wealthiest part of town, i.e. the equivalent of Upper 50s in NYC, Pacific Heights in SF, or Belgravia in London)