Saturday, September 23, 2023

My Nursing Life

Wife has been home from hospital/rehab for almost two weeks and I have become a nurse taking care of her needs. It is hard work, but I like the uniform! 

Seriously, she is improving daily with the physical and occupational therapy she is receiving as well as the exercises she is doing, but it will take some time before things return to “normal.” In the meantime, I am spending a lot of time taking care of her as well as doing most of the household tasks that she performs. (I like my French maid’s uniform, too.)

I’m not complaining, but just want to let you all know that the blog may suffer and answering emails may be slow in deference to my nursing life

Happy Autumn!

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Wearing Roller Rabbit

Australian reader and femulator Caty


  1. Wishing your wife a full and swift recovery. I know that wish reduces your uniform time, but I'm sure you'll find other dressing opportunities. Sue x

  2. We will not think less of you for taking the time to take care of your wife... we would think less of you for blogging while you should be taking care of your wife.

    There's a balance. find it, but if you err, err on the side of taking care of your wife.

  3. Awesome to hear, Stana! I'm happy for you (even though I know you're probably not actually wearing a nurse outfit around the house). Take care.
    Amanda Hawkins

  4. Hi Stana,
    I am a qualified nurse and have the privilege to work wearing vintage nursing uniforms in the past - as well as their modern equivalents, so mixing business with pleasure so to speak!
    Glad your wife is making progress and hope she continues along the road to health - with your dedicated care and attention !

    Hugs, health and happiness

  5. Good luck with the caring needs and nursing.

    Please, don't worry about blogging and email when you need to focus on family things ❤️

  6. Wishing a speedy recovery for you both, even if it does mean having to put away the nurses uniform. (Housework never stops, so happily you can hang on to the maid uniform for a while yet.)

  7. Late as usual, hope you both are coping well. It’s been a long long time since I had the opportunity to wear a nurse’s uniform. It was only for the evening. I’m just glad I didn’t end up on the ward in it!
    X Abi