Friday, January 8, 2021

Two to Pass

I present two more passing success stories!


Last February, I had the opportunity to spend two weeks in Florida – a very unusual opportunity, since I normally have short periods of five or six hours when I can dress as Marie.

I made reservations in a Hilton Hotel in Sarasota and after a bit of preparation, a mani-pedi, etc., I began my adventure. My goal was to dress 24/7 for the whole vacation. 

As we all experience, the more opportunity we have to present as a woman, the more we get into the role. After a couple of days, I was very comfortable and generally followed a daily routine. First, I got up early and went to morning Mass and Communion at a nearby Catholic church.

Returning to the hotel, I would have breakfast and the go back to my room and freshen up. Next, I would stop in a nearby library and spend an hour scanning the Wall Street Journal. Then back to the hotel to change into my black bathing suit and drive to Lido Beach. I’d park, grab my beach chair and bag with lunch and find a place near the water. After a couple of hours, I’d head to a near by curbside restaurant for a cocktail, then back to my. hotel.

After a shower and dressing to the nines, I’d drive to the downtown Sarasota Regis Carlton Hotel for a couple of glasses of wine and a salad. This was the best part of the day. I’d drive up to valet parking, the boys knew me and after passing them my keys and a few very respectful “Yes, Ma'am’s,” I’d walk through the crowded lobby to the cocktail bar. 

I was almost a regular and one of the young bartenders would bring me a glass of my favorite wine and the night would begin. Always some well-dressed folks to talk with, either a couple or a single guy or gal – everyone cordial and friendly. Making sure I didn’t drink too much, I’d say my goodbyes and then out to the valet station to get my car and drive back to my hotel.


When I crossdress, I wear dresses, etc. and present male. I am tall and manly-shaped and I have short hair. Passing is never a thing for me. I go out in public occasionally and I am accepted. People realize that I am a man dressed in women’s clothes and they treat me with respect. 

One time, however, a man at a doughnut shop thought I was dressed in men’s clothes. I was wearing a long black skirt, black pantyhose ad black strappy flat shoes. On my upper half, I was wearing a purple top covered by a black outer layer of the same material as the skirt.

I walked into the doughnut shop and got in line behind a woman. A man came out of the restroom and joined her in line. Then he turned around to face me and asked, “Is that a uniform?” 

That was a first! I replied, “No, it is not a uniform.” 

He asked me to excuse him and he turned around. I looked at his female companion’s reaction. She did not say or do anything, but she had a look on her face. It was the look that my wife makes when she is thinking, “You are a moron.”

Then he turned around again. He had to clear up his confusion. He said, “I was wondering if you were a priest.” 

I was quite entertained at that! I said, “No. I am not a priest. A priest would have a white collar, I suppose.” 

I smiled. He turned back around. His female companion was clearly wanting to tell him to shut-up and not to turn around again. If he had tried, she might have physically stopped him. I was so entertained! I assumed that when they got into the car that she had a talk with him that started with, “What on Earth is wrong with you?!?”

So that’s the time I passed as a priest while crossdressed in public.


Wearing Chicwish
Wearing Chicwish

Femulator, circa 1900
Femulator, circa 1900 1890


  1. Marie,
    Your picture is just classy and age appropriate. I am so happy for you that you had such a wonderful experience.

    1. Thank you, I appreciate your good wishes.

  2. This 1900 femulator has me wondering? Is this a theatrical presentation or is it an upper class transgender person? They outfit and photo would have required some amount of spending??

    Is it a fairly young man who just had to try this?

    What's the story???

    1. "A man in drag with the expression of being deep in thought. Photograph in Victorian album, published: [189-?]. Part of the James Gardiner Collection, Wellcome Images reference L0076698."

    2. britain's most (in)famous late 19th century cross dressers (boulton & park, alias stella & fanny) both came from the upper classes and worked in the theatre in london. possibly because of that, they appeared to deem themselves above the gender dressing conventions of the era (which were of course far more rigid than nowadays) and flaunted their female personas in public accordingly. and apparently did so for quite some time before finally attracting the attention of the authorities. perhaps not surprisingly given their circumstances and celebrity, several photographs of them exist despite the camera still being in its infancy.

      however, one cannot imagine their poorer peers doing likewise in the pit villages and industrial cities oop north!

    3. For the most part yes. But I once found this intriguing photo of a circa-1900 crossdresser in a small mining town.

    4. wow - you must have dug deep (ho ho) to find that one!

  3. Marie,
    Wow. To pass in public is one thing, but to pass in a bathing suit is amazing. Congrats to you.

    Your story put a smile on my face, and I am sure many others.

    Angel Amore

    1. Thank you. I have been dressing and getting out and about for over 30 years. Experience helps.