Saturday, January 2, 2021

Someday Funnies

I am an old fashioned girl and send cards to my friends and relatives for their birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, illnesses and other events.

Greeting cards are expensive, so a few years ago, I purchased software to create and print greeting cards. The software paid for itself a long time ago.

My sister's birthday was last week, so I loaded the software and perused what designs were available for sister birthdays. I found the perfect card, but I did not use it because my sister is not a big fan of my femulating.

Anyway, here is the front and inside (punchline) of the card.

A similar card would have been apropos for my mother on her birthday or on Mother's Day!

Greetings from Vicki at Casa Susanna
Greetings from Vicki at Casa Susanna


  1. That would have worked for my Grandmother on her September 5th birthday too! Lol



  2. stana you have mentioned physical similarities to your mother on more than one occasion, but never to your sister. i am no expert on the subject, but logic suggests that biologically one should bear more resemblence to a sibling than a parent? anyway, as such i was wondering if there was a chance of seeing a pic of her here, so readers can make their own comparison?

    plus: unlike now there were not private means of printing greetings cards via computers, but the casa susanna ones that i have seen posted on the internet seem to have been printed professionally as opposed to a home-made cut and paste job. so given transvestism was much more taboo in those days, how could femulators possibly have managed that without risking exposing themselves in the process?

    1. I resemble my mother and my sister resembles my father. There is not much resemblance between my sister and I except for our heights – we are both tall. Sorry, but I will not post a photo of my sister here to protect her privacy.

      Regarding the Casa Susanna Christmas cards, perhaps one of the attendees had access to photographic processing equipment. (I know of one femulator – I am sure there are others – who built a photo lab in her basement just to avoid exposure by having her photos processed commercially.)

    2. You are absolutely right Stana, the Casa Susanna crew (and get the "Casa Susanna" book if you haven't already!) had their pictures taken by an attendee called Andrea Susan. Her day job was a Hollywood photographer and here's her fascinating story

    3. I once met Andrea Susan at Fantasia Fair and had a pleasant conversation with her. I had no idea about her connection with Casa Susanna.

  3. This card makes me wish I'd come out to MY sister. I'm sure she'd be open and accepting - that's the kind of person she is.